How To Setup Parental Controls On Android

Android phoneby Darren
The open source Android operating system has become very popular in a short amount of time. The number of applications an Android user can download and use seem endless. Paid applications and free applications load the Android Market. The fun and functionality of these applications are beneficial on many levels. At the same time, certain applications can bring unwanted implications for a child who has downloaded something that parents aren’t aware of. Concerned parents need choices to protect their children from applications and other actions that are reserved for adults only. Often times, parents are seeking ways of how to setup parental controls for Android devices. While there isn’t a way to turn parental control on from the device itself, here are a few applications that should help setup parental controls for Android devices through restricting and monitoring.

Android Parental Control Android Parental Control

Price: Free

The Android Parental Control application will provide parents a sense of security and safety for their juvenile Android user. This applicaton will work for Android devices with operating systems 1.5 and up. Parents will be able to select and filter specific applications with a Sandbox system that only allows chosen apps to show on the phone.

Phone Control Phone Control

Price: Free

This parental control application runs invisible while your child is using their Android device. Phone Control enables parents to forward an SMS messages incoming and outgoing as another SMS or send all incoming and outgoing SMS/MMS data to an assigned email address. Another great feature of this application is that is shows parents the GPS location of their child in addition to the other great features.

Kids Mode: Play & Learn KidsMode

Price: Free

Parents who have kids 8 years and under will love the functionality of this Android application. Kids Mode: Play & Learn allows parents to put their phone in Kid Mode so that their children will only be able to view fun educational games and videos as the phone’s home button is locked. Ensure that you download Adobe Flash Player for free to get the full effect of the application. A great and popular parental control application.

Code 9 Mobile Parental Controls Code9

Price: Free

Code 9 Mobile Parental Controls is a subscription based service that promotes parents and kids working together. With this service, kids are encouraged to use their mobile devices properly while also protecting their privacy. The application works in conjunction with the website to connect parents to their children’s mobile lives. The application does require an account at the Code 9  website.

My Mobile WatchDog My Mobile Watchdog

Price: Free

Use this effective monitoring app for 30 days free trial and sign up for the $9.95 monthly service. My Mobile Watchdog allows parents to monitor their children’s mobile activity such as email, texting, call logs and more. Parents will receive a real time alert when their children are contacted by any number that is not included in the initial call setup. My Mobile Watchdog is a great and inexpensive way to keep your child safe from danger.