How to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

Battery intro image
Everybody has experienced the “Red Battery of Doom” on their iPhone at some point. You’ll be playing Angry Birds, keeping the kids entertained in flight, or downloading a few new apps when that unassuming, white battery icon in the upper right hand corner of the phone suddenly turns red. Which means only one thing: the end is near. The end of your battery, that is.

Which raises the question: How do you make the iPhone battery last longer?

The Apple product website advertises the battery life of the iPod Touch at 6 to 36 hours depending on whether the user is playing back videos or music. The iPhone is based on simialar estimates. However, most folks will tell you that their device’s battery rarely lasts as long as advertised.

Here are a few simple ways to help your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch battery last longer, as discovered by our founder, Berna Erol, in a series of self-conducted tests:

– Turn off the “Auto¬† Brightness” feature under “Settings”
– Reduce the brightness setting to about half brightness
– Disable “Location Services” under the “General” tab in “Settings”
– Turn off WiFi services when not in use
– Utilize headphones instead of speakers, when possible

Also be sure to make sure your apps are closed when the device is left or locked, to ensure that apps don’t continue to run while not in use. Take a peek at the amount of time that is set to elapse before the device auto locks, as well. The longer that a screen is lit, the more battery power that is being sucked away!

iPhone and iPad users can also go further by:
– Turning off Bluetooth when not in use
– Turning off 3G services when unavailable
– Disabling the “vibrate” option for notifications

If you’re still not able to make your battery last as long as you need in between charges via a wall outlet, or your computer, there are other options.

The Trent iFuel device is an external battery pack that allows users to charge their iPhone on-the-go. Simply plug your charging cord into your device and hook the other end to the iFuel. The cordless pack works just like a wall outlet to revamp your battery power when a typical power source is not available. Think about the car, on planes or at a business meeting! This is also a great idea to carry in the car for emergencies. The iFuel, and other options like it cost around $50.00 and are safe for use. Typically, the devices will even work with multiple models of Smartphones and similar devices to keep the Red Battery of Doom at bay.