Best New Kids Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Star face Reviewing the apps submitted to gives us a chance to encourage our readers to look into some new and noteworthy apps. This time, there’s an app to build your own farm, make silly stories or even learn counting with an amphibious friend.

Get your iPhone, iPad or iPod out and start downloading. Then sit down with the kids for a dose of new app fun!

Baby’s First Monsters 1,2,3
Price: $0.99
Designed to help children learn to count, Baby’s First Monsters goes beyond the typical 1,2,3 apps by providing children with really, well, monstrous things to count ‚Äì like the heads on a “hydra” monster. It’s creative, cute and educational.

Price: Free
“Mad Libs” was one of my favorite childhood games. By coming up with creative adjectives, nouns and verbs, I would create goofy stories that always produced a giggle. Now, Sparklefish allows users to work on their English skills and complete funny stories on the iPad, iPod or iTouch. But, now you can record your voice. Awesome!

Orbital Defender Save the Universe

Price: Free Lite Version
We find that apps requiring you to stay on your toes while playing can be addictive. Orbital Defender falls into that category. You’ll have to keep your eyes open and your fingers tapping as you protect the universe from invaders.

Sam Phibian
Price: Free
Sam Phibian works on a child’s counting, hand/eye coordination and recognition skills with the help of a very friendly, and cute, frog. Kids must follow directions and help Sam get his favorite meals by touching the specified numbers of insects. A great option for helping kids learn to focus.

Price: $2.99
It’s no doubt that this app is like Farmville, but without Facebook and tailored for children. Kids can build their own interactive farms, helping them to learn strategy and perhaps a bit about agriculture as well!