Best iPhone Apps For Girls

Girlfunby Darren

Boys will always be boys and girls, well, just want to have fun. Girls also like to have fun on their iPhone and we’ve compiled a list of the best iPhone apps for girls so that the fun never stops. We have included apps that are some of the most popular games on the App Store. From weddings to planes and many things in between, we are pleased to bring you such a strong selection of apps and games for your iPhone.


Bejeweled2 Bejeweled 2 + Blitz

Price: $ .99

The most popular puzzle game on the App Store can be integrated with one of the most well known social websites, Facebook. You can enjoy friendly competition with your Facebook buddies and enjoy matching these bright colored gems and running up the score with Bejeweled 2 + Blitz. Match the gems as fast as you can and watch the fascinating speed of the game.

Whatsapp What’s App Messenger

Price: $ .99

Communication is a key element when it comes to girls wanting to have fun. To ensure you don’t miss another message with your iPhone pals and other friends on other platforms, you can switch from your native SMS to What’s App Messenger to send as many text and picture messages as you want for no additional costs to you. This app uses your phone’s Wi-Fi or 3G capabilities for dependable message delivery. A favorite on our best iPhone apps for girls list.

Monopoly Monopoly Here & Now: World Edition

Price: $ .99

You’ve played Monopoly before. Now play it on a global level with Monopoly Here & Now World Edition. Play the game like never before as you are now able to build your empire with some of the world’s most eye-catching properties in places like Paris and Barcelona. With 3D interactive game play, this is a game that will have you endugled for hours. Try it and see what we mean.

Princess dressup Princess Dress-Up: My Sticker Book

Price: $3.99

Girls always dream of a princess like wedding. You can keep your dreams alive in this magical experience of helping the Disney Princesses prepare for their special events with the Princess Dress-up app. Will your friend be helping you do the dress up? Use the interactive camera to take a picture of your friend as a Disney princess. Loads of fun in this best iPhone apps for girls list favorite.

Flight control Flight Control

Price: $ .99

Join your friends online for multiplayer fun with the truly addictive Flight Control game. Air Traffic Controllers have a demanding job but with you in control of everything, you are out to prove how stress-free the job can be. Just use your fingers to guide the planes in without being involved in a collision on the landing zone. Enjoy the chat feature of this game when in multiplayer mode.

Sallys spa Sally’s Spa

Price: $2.99

What young lady doesn’t enjoy the opportunity to be spoiled in a day at the spa? Sally’s Spa brings you state of the art graphics and amazing touch interface as you practice your time management in this addictive game. Expand your business by offering some of the best services such as manicures, pedicures, massages, and hot stones.

Wedding Wedding Dash

Price: $2.99

If you’ve ever thought about being a wedding planner, this is the application that could change your mind. You will have the opportunity to plan the weddings of some pretty demanding brides and grooms in this challenging and fun game. Comic disasters are in the way to make sure your wedding planning duties are not easy. Use your fingers to seat guests, tap the screen to serve food and avoid as many disasters as you can.

Dressup Dress Up and Makeup: Avatar

Price: $1.99

Do you like to spend hours at a time dressing up and making yourself up to be as beautiful as you can be? The Dress Up and Makeup game application allows you to take your skills and apply them to your model to upload to your Facebook profile. Do as many profiles as you like while showing what you are made of. Challenge your friends to see who the best dress up and makeup artist is.