How to Disable Location Tracking on Your iPhone and iPad

Map image With cell phones and the internet, there’s not many places to hide these days. And now, some iPhone apps are tracking where we are. At first, location tracking may not seem like such a big deal, until you consider that if apps are able to track your location, they’re also able to track the location of your children. And who really knows where, or to who, this information is going?

Keep your kids’ safety in mind, and turn off in-app location tracking. The only people that really need to know where your youngsters are at is you.

Here’s how to disable the app location tracking feature:
1. Touch the “Settings” icon from the main screen of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
2. Select “General” under the “Settings” tab
3. Find “Locations Services” and slide the on/off switch to “Off”
4. Save your new settings and proceed to the next steps to ensure complete disabling.

Within the “General” section of “Settings,”
5. Select “Restrictions”
If you’ve set a passcode for your iPhone, iPad or iTouch security settings, you’ll need to enter it now.
6. Once the passcode has been entered, select “Location Settings”
7. Slide the on/off switch to “Off” and save your new settings

With the location settings disabled, all apps that track a device’s location will be unable to do so. And while you may never have an issue with an untrusted source tracking your child’s location, we live in a world where it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to our little ones. No matter how “little” they may be anymore!