Free iPod Games For Kids

Ipodtouch by Darren

The iPod has revolutionized the way things are done in today’s high speed digital world. In addition to being one of the greatest tools for music lovers ever assembled to download and play their favorite tunes, the iPod is also great for playing your favorite free iPod games for kids. We have hand picked some of the most popular titles at the App Store to give your child hours of playing fun. Browse through our list of games and see why we have chosen these apps for our list of free ipod games for kids.

Pocket frogs Pocket Frogs

Price: Free

This five-star rated game has gained a lot of attention. Players get the opportunity to create their own unique breed of frogs and trade them and their habitat with friends. You also get the opportunity to explore the pond in search of other species of frogs. This is a game that has levels that go on seemingly forever. See why its number one on our free iPod games for kids list.

Rat on skateboard Rat On A Skateboard

Price: Free

It’s hard to believe that this much fun is FREE! Rat On A Skateboard brings Ratty back in one of the most anticipated adventures yet. You and Ratty can have skateboarding fun on Stunt Road and Banana Harbor among 30 other challenging courses. If skateboarding in your thing, Rat On A Skateboard may be your game. Choose the track you want or let them randomly come to you. Endless hours of fun awaits you!

Tapzoo Tap Zoo

Price: Free

Show off your ability to start off your island with one zoo animal and grow your island into a Safari full of animals. Players have the opportunity to create their own zoo from their iOS device in this exciting gameplay. You will have fun nurturing the animals you create inside your zoo. Be sure to read the specifics of the app when it comes to your animals. The purchase of animals may be required. Great wild fun!

Paper toss Paper Toss

Price: Free

It’s one thing for a game to be fun. It’s another thing for the game to be totally addictive. Paper toss combines both fun and addiction in a game that requires accuracy as you attempt to toss a wad of paper into the waste basket. It’s not as easy as it appears. A desktop fan blows right in front of the waste basket that requires you to calculate your angle accurately. Another favorite on our list of best free iPod apps for kids.

ArcadeBowling Arcade Bowling Lite

Price: Free

Skyworks brings back the classic game in Arcade Bowling Lite. You will enjoy that exciting and challenging gameplay as you try to gather more and more points the further away the scoring hole gets. You can even tilt your device to change the direction of the ball even in mid-air. How close will you get to the scoring hole? You won’t know until you download this addictive action game and enhance your bowling skills.


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