Best Free Educational Apps

Ed-news-colorby Darren

There is no doubt that the technology of the iPhone is fun and engaging no matter what age group you fall in. As adults, we enjoy the capabilities the iPhone presents us when we are at work and play. We can create, edit and send documents. We can email, chat, or surf the web while we are engaged in a conversation. But what we like most as adults is the opportunity that we can sit down on a free afternoon after work and play Angry Birds for hours. Forgetting about us for a moment, the iPhone brings a level of excitement for our children as well. This is especially true when we engage them in educational games and applications to enhance their learning while having fun simultaneously. Here are our reviews for free educational apps for kids on the iPhone.

TouchyBooks TouchyBooks

Price: Free

This application is an awesome addition to existing free educational apps for your kids. TouchyBooks is an application for kids that is an interactive book store that allows your children to choose from a collection of children’s stories that are sure to entertain. The application is designed by educators for children from the ages of 1 to 11. Innovative, educational fun for your children.

KidsSongMachine Kids Song Machine Lite

Price: Free

Kids Song Machine Lite can keep your children entertained for the duration of a long road trip. This is a fun musical educational application for your children that allows them to learn and sing songs that will create memories for many years to come. The full version of Kids Song Machine has an additional 10 songs. Kids Song Machine has been voted in the top ranks in more than 65 countries to include the United States, England, and Spain.

ABCPhonics ABC Phonics Animals Free Lite

Price: Free

Parents are always right and ABC Phonics Animals Lite is another piece of evidence of this claim. This application was developed by parents who focused on ABC phonetics, spelling, reading and sounds with their own children. ABC Phonics Animals enables parents to interact with their children through flash cards to enhance quick learning.

Simonsays Simon Says

Price: Free

This is the classic game that parents remember when they were growing up. The only difference between then and now is that it is even more fun for your kids as they become engaged in Simon’s vocal memory game. Join in the fun with your kids as you all try to master your memory on many different levels. One of our favorite free educational apps for kids. Addictive educational fun!

Kidscanmatch Kids Can Match – Animals

Price: Free

One of the best ways to exercise your child’s memory is to let them play Kids Can Match ‚Äì Animals free educational app on your iPhone. Children of any age will enjoy this fun interactive application as it gives them the opportunity to learn from over 70 animals. As they master one level, the next level becomes more difficult. Great fun for parents and children together.