Best iPhone Kids Accessories

With so many children being the secondary user of their parent’s iPhone, it’s no wonder that the market for kid-friendly iPhone accessories is booming. Take a peek at some of our favorite accessories for the kid in all of us.


Woogie Woogie
Price: $19.99
The Woogie makes an iPhone or iPod Touch into a tech-friendly plush toy. After slipping the iPhone into a clear, sealed case attached to the small, pillow-like holder, children are free to play their favorite apps without parents worrying about a shattered screen.

Seat Buddy Seat Buddy
Price: $19.95
No DVD player in the car? Bad movie on the airplane? No problem! The Seat Buddy allows an iPhone to be securely attached to the rear of a car’s seat, transforming the iPhone into a miniature movies screen where kids can watch their favorite downloaded shows or movies.

MyPhones Griffin MyPhones Headphones
Price: $29.99
Protect tiny ears from uncontrolled volume with the Griffin MyPhone Headphones. A built in circuit control limits the noise to a decibel level deemed safe by children’s health experts. Meaning that your kids can rock out to their favorite tunes on your iPhone without being destined to wear hearing aids in their elder years.

Lego Cover

Brick Case for iPhone 4
Price: $20.00
The iPhone doesn’t have to be all about tech games. This cool case turns the exterior of the iPhone 4 into an ideal surface for building Lego creations. Perhaps this would be a great way to entertain kids at a restaurant or on a flight while still limiting their tech time.





iDance Buzz Lightyear

After plugging your iPhone into this cool Buzz Lightyear dock, kids will be free to jam out with Buzz while he moves to the music. Buzz also knows how to speak with a few fun phrases and can be removed from the base to give kids a portable action figure.

IHome desk org

iHome Desk Organizer and Lamp Speaker
Price: $24.99
If older kids need a little inspiration for sitting down to complete their homework, the iHome Desk Organizer may provide just the boost they need. With a built in dock for the iPhone or iPod, kids can listen to their favorite music while keeping all of their supplies in one location and shedding a little light on their work.

Pinball iPhone Pinball Magic
Price: $19.99
Kids who love pinball (and their parents) will have a blast playing pinball on the iPhone with this attachment that turns your phone into a miniature pinball machine. As a bonus, when the iPhone is connected to the attachment, the phone is being charged simultaneously!