Best iPhone Games For Teenage Boys

Our list of the best iPhone apps for boys brings you some of the App Store’s most downloaded titles. These game applications are full of action and andrenaline rushing addiction as boys play the games for hours at a time. While we intend for this list of applications to be for boys of all ages, we anticipate the big boys will also take a peek at our list and join in on the fun and excitement. Review and try the games in our collection. You will see why they made our list of the best iPhone apps for boys.

Angrybirdsp Angry Birds

Price: $ .99

As one of the most addictive games from the App Store, Angry Birds has players near and far helping these angry freedom fighters get their eggs back from the thieving green pigs. The Angry Birds have destructive powers which players utilize to destroy the green pigs’ fortified castles. The game features 240 levels with Facebook and Twitter interaction.

Unop Uno

Price: $ .99

Card games are always a favorite among many players across any operating system. Uno is the fun classic card game that will have you playing for hours with your opponents. One of the best features of Uno for iPhone is that you can have interactive fun with opponents online. Enter into contests and win and post your trophies on your Facebook page.

Ninja NinJump Deluxe

Price: $ .99

Enjoy three new levels in NinJump Deluxe that the insanely popular NinJump doesn’t have. Rise as high as you can in this ninja climbing game as you try to avoid an army of obstacles in your way. Dodge the angry beetles and snakes that try to stop your accension. Enjoy the beautiful effects of the graphics as you keep rising to the top. Watch out for the witch doctors.

Wagon The Oregon Trail

Price: $ .99


You’ve never known the wild west like you will get to know it in The Oregon Trail. This classic game was first introduced on the Apple II. Embark on a real westward journey as you select your traveling party, departure date, and purchase your supplies. As you negotiate the trail successfully, post your achievements to your Facebook page.


Cut The Rope


Price: $ .99

This fun and exciting game is the first iOS game to win the British Acadamy of Film and Television Arts award. Om Nom, the creature inside the package that arrives at your home, is insistent that you give him all the candy he wants. Feed Om Nom candy and collect the three golden starts in each stage.It won’t be easy as you will face dangers at each level. This app is a favorite on our list of best iPhone apps for boys.

Spiderman Spider Man: Total Mayhem

Price: $3.99

If you want one of the best action and super hero games on the App Store, Spider Man: Total Mayhem is your game. Attention grabbing graphics and dynamic game play will have you engaged in a loss of time as you and Spider-man battle the evil in your city. You will be tasked with using your Spider-man senses to avoid danger and make your counter-attack on the enemies.

Doodle Doodle Jump – BE WARNED: Insanely Addictive

Price: $ .99

Some games require a significant level of skill to play. Good eye and hand coordination is a must if you want to make any progress. Doodle Jump is one of those games that is simple to learn but difficult to master. The game comes with 8 different worlds for game play. You can even go into multiplayer mode and race to the top against random opponents. This app is a great addition to your iPhone and to our list of best iPhone apps for boys.

Gtracing GT Racing: Motor Academy Free +

Price: Free

There is no denying the rush one gets from racing cars. It is a sport that is as dangerous as it is fun. But who knew you could get this much excitement for free in the high speed world of GT Racing? Experience the thrill of passing driving tests and winning car races in one of the richest race simulation games for the iPhone. The more you progress in the races, the more cars and other features you can unlock. Exhilarating!