10 Ways iPhone Can Save Your Family Vacation

Intro vacation While family vacations are supposed to be fun, there are plenty of ways that things can go wrong. From bored kids to flat tires, a fun excursion can quickly turn into a nightmare. However, with the iPhone in tow, there are more ways than ever to ensure that your family’s summer vacation is more relaxing and less stressful.  Here are a few ways that the iPhone can help save your family vacation:

1. Saving you from getting lost
Whether you take advantage of navigation features or simply look up MapQuest directions, the iPhone will save Dad the embarrassment of having to stop and ask for directions to your hotel.

2. No more cries of “Are we there yet?!”
Children will be entertained with games, movies and entertaining apps while you’re stuck in the car or on a plane. All without having to tote along an extra portable DVD player!

3. Finding food
Unfamiliar places are often difficult to find places to eat if you’re looking for something more than a McDonalds. With food finder apps and internet access, you’ll be able to quickly find family-friendlyeateries beyond the typical chain restaurants

4. Email access
How many times have you forgotten your reservation number for a flight, or exactly what the name of that hotel you’re staying at was? With e-mail access on the iPhone you’ll be able to pull up confirmation emails and travel itineraries in a jiff.

5. It’s a portable flashlight
That flashlight app will come in handy whether you’re hunting for your sock in a dark tent on a camping trip or scouring for toys under the seat of your car.

6. Emergency calls
If you need to call a tow truck or check in with family members, the iPhone not only functions as a reliable cell phone, but with internet access you’ll be able to look up phone numbers for local towing companies or emergency officials in no time.

7. Portable alarm clock capabilities
Not all vacations include a stay in a hotel with wake up calls. Make sure you don’t sleep your vacation days away by utilizing the iPhone’s alarm feature.

8. Weather reports on-the-go 
Whether you expect sunny days on the beach or are hoping for snowy ski slopes, weather apps allow you to gather up-to-date weather forecasts so that you can plan your activities and dress the kids accordingly.

9. Flight delay alerts
Avoid sitting in the airport for any longer than you have to by checking for flight delays right from your phone.

10. Camera action
If you left your camera at home, in the car, at the hotel it won’t help you capture those special memories. Fortunately, the iPhone’s built in camera will allow you to take fun photos, edit them in any one of a number of photo apps and share them immediately with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.