The Best Android Apps For Pre-School Age

Boybike The Android Market is chocked full of some of the most creative and amazing apps one can find. With more than 100,000 applications, it should come as no surprise that the Market also has some of the best Android apps for pre-school age children. While pre-teens, teens, young adults and mature adults enjoy the endless fun and functionality of their Android devices, parents are seeking ways to use the educational advantages of the Android platform for their children. As the Market continues to expand, so do the applications that are available for children that are between the ages of 2 and 5. Here are five applications that parents can use to assist them in getting their child in front of the learning curve.

Preschool-basics-161 Preschool Basics: Preschool
Price: $1.99

With a 4.48 rating out of 5 stars, this fun and engaging app is a favorite of moms and dads seeking a simple and effective learning tool for their toddler. Preschool Basics features colorful flash cards accompanied by sounds of the alphabet and numbers. Your toddler will also learn their shapes and colors and even get the chance to learn a 50 word vocabulary set. These words will come into play as your child learns to communicate effectively. So much fun and learning for the price.

Preschool-learning-15 Preschool Learning : Preschool
Price: $1.99

Preschool Learning is the kind of Android application that makes teaching your child a joy for kindergarten educators who are delighted that your child is already familiar with the material. This application will help parents teach their preschool child to identify and pronounce the alphabet as well as identify their colors through coloring and letter tracing. A matching game rounds out the 4 different aids of this great learning tool.

Monkey-preschool-lunchbox-119 Monkey Preschool Lunchbox : Preschool
Price: $1.99

This particular learning aid has been one of the most popular games for preschool age children on the iOS platform. Now, Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is available from the Android Market and is growing with much success. The game includes 6 different categories for teaching your toddler colors, letters, counting, shapes, differences and matching.

Dolch sight words Dolch Sight Words Preschool
Price: Free

Dolch Sight Words for your preschool toddler is one of the best learning kits on the Market. The makers of this application had parents in mind when putting this application together. The app features flash cards to help your kids learn a particular word set that they should know by the time they are ready for kindergarten and first grade. Be sure to install Mobi Flash Cards before using this application.

Magic-lights-14 Magic Lights – Preschool
Price: Free

Parents can say good-bye to the days of trying to be creative in teaching their toddlers to write legibly. Magic Lights is the perfect Android application that uses lights on your phone screen in the shape of letters so that your preschooler can trace the lights and form the specific letter. Magic Lights enables your child to recognize the letter and write it all at the same time. This is a free app that will exceed your expectation.