iPad Parental Controls

Intro Keeping kids safe is a  top priority for parents. Although the iPad is a cool device and great learning tool, iPad parental controls are essential to ensuring that children are not able to access inappropriate content, or accidentally run-up iTunes bills.

Fortunately, setting iPad parental controls is a quick and easy process that will provide peace of mind for parents and safe access to Apple’s coolest technology.


How to set iPad parental controls:
1. From the iPad’s home screen, select the “Settings” icon.

2. Touch the “General” option from the left side of the settings screen.

3. Locate the “Restrictions” setting option within General and set to “On”.

IPad Controls 1

4. Choose a 4 digit pass code to lock the iPad parental control settings. Ideally, this should be a number that’s easy for you to remember but not so obvious that older kids will be able to figure it out in a few guesses. Unfortunately, if a pass code is forgotten retrieval may mean having to re-configure your whole iPad.
IPad Passcode

5. After choosing a passcode, you will be given access to the “Restrictions” page. Set each section of restrictions, such as “YouTube,” “Safari,” “iTunes,” and the like to meet the limitations that you feel are appropriate for your children. These items may be disabled completely, or limited based on the ratings of material.
IPad controls 3

6. Select “Apps” in the “Allowed Content” section of the Restrictions page and select the ratings of apps that you consider appropriate for download. You may also choose to disable and in-app purchases completely by selecting “Don’t Allow Apps” to avoid unexpected iTunes bills.
IPad controls 4

7. Once your iPad parental control settings are complete, press the home button to return to the main screen. Settings can be changed at any time by accessing “Restrictions” via the “Settings” menu and entering your passcode.

Regardless of the settings that you choose, remember that iPad parental controls are no substitute for parental supervision. Take the time to talk to your children about what to do if they accidentally access inappropriate content and always supervise your child’s iPad use.