Best iPad Games For Kids

When the iPad tablet emerged, we all had a sense that this little marvel would change the way we do a lot of things. The way we access the web, the way we read, and the way our children learn are a few of the positive events that have occurred since the iPad’s arrival. Demand continues to rise as kids are as equally enthused as parents about the device. iPad games for kids are constantly being searched for as these games enable our children to learn at a higher and more fun-filled level. Learning doesn’t have to be boring. Here is our list of iPad games for kids that can make your child’s learning environment more exciting.

Handy Manny Handy Manny Workshop For iPad

Price: $2.99

This popular Disney Channel show is now available as one of our picks for iPad games for kids. Loads of fun await parents and children to become engaged in 6 activities of the Handy Manny game. Kids will get to explore Manny’s shop in search of missing tools and sing the “Hop Up, Jump In” song with Manny and his workshop tools. Manny has much more fun in store. Dowload this app for fun interaction for the family.

Starwalk Star Walk For iPad

Price: $4.99

Star Walk for iPad is one of the most amazing apps that kids and parents will use. With Star Walk, you will be able to open the application and point it towards the sky above you. The app enables you to see which stars, constellations, and satellites are filling the sky above. This is all done in real-time. For even more amazement, see what the same area you are viewing from your iPad looked like at any point before or in the future of the present time. Astonishing!

Math Bingo Math Bingo

Price: $.99

Now your kids can practice their math skills at any time and any place with Math Bingo. Why not have a competition with your kids as the application enables you to create individual profiles to keep high scores. Get 5 bingo bugs in a row by answering the math questions correctly and you win.

Touchpetdogs Touch Pet Dogs 2

Price: Free

Do you have a dog that doesn’t quite do the tricks you want it to do? No problem here with Touch Pet Dogs 2 for iPad where you can adopt a pet to do almost anything you like. Teach your new lovable pet to fetch sticks or balance themselves on an agility ball. You will be in total control as you build your pet a playland filled with all sorts of goodies.

Stack the states Stack The States

Price: $.99

Winner of the 2010 Best App Ever Award, Stack The States is worthy of being on our iPad games for kids list for its outstanding educational content. This is the perfect application if you have elementary aged kids for learning the states in the union. Your children will enjoy watching the states come to life in this app that makes learning fun.

Morecookies More Cookies

Price: $.99

There’s nothing quite like when you were a kid and the house was filled with the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. While your kids won’t be able to smell the aroma of fresh baked cookies, they will surely know the look of them with this virtual cookie baking application. Your children can pick a recipe from the built-in cook book and have cookie baking fun.

Glowhockey Glow Hockey 2 HD Free

Price: Free

Let your kids bring their love of air hockey to the palm of their hands with this exciting interactive application where the gameplay is tons of fun but unusually hard to master. Choose between two bright table skins to play on. You child’s eye and hand coordination will get a workout as the application is determined to come out on top.

Interactivealpha Interactive Alphabet ABC Flash Cards

Price: $2.99

Interactive Alphabet is an app designed to teach babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers their alphabet in a fun and creative fashion. Your kids will be able to “Z”ip the zipper or make the “L”ion roar as they learn animals and their alphabet all at once. Your child will be learning new things in an exciting way. Parents and kids will lose track of time with this engaging educational game.