How to Use iPhone for Doing Homework

School_homework With the rise of technology and the beloved iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, more and more students are foregoing classic study methods in favor of digital devices. With the variety of iPhone homework apps available at the touch of a finger, students are researching, defining, writing, and computing in half the time it takes to look up information in a textbook. A recent study conducted by Rubicon Consulting found 15% of iPhone users are students. These tech-savvy teens use their iPhones and iPads for the majority of their homework assignments, with 28% reporting they now carry an iPhone instead of their notebook computer.

1. Research the pros and cons for using your iPhone to do homework. It may be portable and easy to use, but focusing too much on the small screen can cause eye strain.

2. Check out, a simple site where parents and students can access school content and receive class notifications through email, mobile devices, Facebook, and more.  Elementary age children will enjoy iHomework, one of the best student apps for kids and parents to work together and stay organized.

3. Download the free dictionary app from, which provides full access to the dictionary and thesaurus – a must have homework app for any student.

4. Organize your homework assignments and deadlines with myHomework, an all-purpose app that helps you keep your homework sorted. With a color-coding scheme and a submission date planner, this app is especially essential for students with a heavy homework load. Another good organization site is iStudiez Pro, with features to track grades and set reminders for upcoming events.

5. Check out Math Pro – the ultimate application for students studying upper-level mathematics. Math Pro includes calculators, charts, easy-to-follow steps and formulas for quick computing. Math Ref is another excellent tool for iPhone users with nearly 600 formulas and a finance feature. For young ones, check out MagicMath – a fun and educational app for children.

6. Search Wikipedia Mobile for online articles on thousands of different subjects. Students can quickly find information on obscure topics that may otherwise have taken much more time. Wikipanion is the perfect mobile interface for easy access to Wikipedia on the go, allowing users to bookmark pages, noteworthy sections within a page, and listen to pronunciations of unfamiliar words.

7. Take notes with Evernote, a comprehensive note-taking iPhone homework application that can be organized by date and automatically synced to a computer and online interface. Record notes in text, voice, photos, or videos. Evernote also comes with Twitter integration and geo-location features.
Iphone home screen

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