How to Make Free iPhone Ringtones From Your iTunes Music

Ringtone intro Ringtones are just one more way that iPhone users can personalize their device to showcase their personality. However, who really wants to pay for ringtones of their favorite tunes after they’ve already purchased the music from iTunes? Nobody!

Here, we give you the step-by-step directions to create iPhone ringtones using the music in your iTunes library for no extra cost.

For Apple Users:
1. Download the latest version of Garage Band on your computer.
2. Open iTunes and select the song you want to use as a ringtone.
3. Drag and drop the song from iTunes into a new track in Garage Band.
4. Click on the “Cycle Region” button in Garage Band. (It looks like two arrows chasing each other in a circle. A lot like the symbol for recycling, and should be located near the upper left hand corner of the screen)
5. Choose which 40 seconds of the song you’d like to use as the ringtone and adjust the cycle region setting to capture that part of the tune, by sliding the arrows along the time bar up or down.
6. Once you’ve completed your settings, click “Share” on the menu bar.
7. Select “Send Ringtone to iTunes”
8. Check your iTunes library for the formatted ringtone and sync your iPhone to load the ringer on your iPhone.
9. Jam out every time the phone rings.

For PC Users:
1. Open iTunes and select the song that you’d like to use for a ringtone.
2. Right click on the song title and select “Get Info.”
3. Within the “Options” tab of “Get Info,” input a start and stop time no more than 40 seconds. This time period should embody the portion of the song that you’d like as your ringtone.
4. After setting a start and stop, click on “Edit” and then “Preferences” on your iTunes homepage.
5. Open the “General” tab and select “Import Settings”
6. Review the AAC settings in this section to ensure that they are set to “High Quality (128 kbps)”
7. Go back to your iTunes homepage and right click on the song you selected for your ringtone. Scroll down and select “Create AAC Version.”
8. Check to see that there are now two different songs in iTunes for your ringtone selection. There should be one full version, and one version based on the start and stop times that you established.
9. Select the new AAC version of the song in iTunes. Copy and paste a shortcut for the song to an easily identifiable location on your computer, such as the Desktop.
10. Right click the newly created shortcut and change the “.M4A” extension after the file name to “.M4R”
11. Plug your iPhone into the computer to sync.
12. While the phone is connected, drag the shortcut to the iPhone icon within iTunes. When the sync is complete, you should be able to select the file as your new ringtone and rock out when your mom calls.