How the iPhone Helped Me (And My Husband) Get Through Labor

Labor introby Natalie

I recently gave birth my first child…Six weeks before his due date, in the middle of the night. I had expected to spend my Friday evening wolfing down a hot fudge sundae and watching Dateline. However, it seems my blood pressure and doctor had other plans.

What started as a simple trip to labor and delivery to get “checked out,” turned into 24 hours of labor, 4 days in the hospital to recover from a C-section and 15 days of traveling back and forth to the hospital to visit our son in the intensive care nursery. (Who is now at home and thriving!) Oddly enough, what made the experience so much easier besides our parents and great nurses, was the iPhone. You heard me! The iPhone. Let me explain:

1. Contact: From the moment we found out we were havingĀ  the baby, my husband was in constant contact with our families. From phone calls to text messages to e-mails and Facebook messages, the iPhone allowed us to stay in contact with our support system quickly and easily.

2. Stress relief: Labor hurts. For both the new mommy and daddy. Long hours can be filled with boredom, misery and excitement all at once and sometimes, you just need a distraction. My husband found that distraction in Angry Birds. Meanwhile, I found it in texting my best friend and jamming out to my favorite tunes. Having my iPhone, also meant I had my iPod!

3. Documentation: Having a child is a big deal! And I didn’t even have a hospital bag packed, which means I definitely didn’t have a camera with me. Fortunately, I had an iPhone, which is every bit as good as having a camera. My husband now has a lovely string of photos on his camera roll ranging from me in my worst moments to the very first seconds of our son’s life. Then, with cool apps like FX Photo Studio, we were able to fiddle with our photos while we passed the next few days in the hospital.

4. Sharing: As soon as our little guy was here safe and sound, I announced our new addition via the wonders of Facebook straight from my iPhone, in a hospital bed, in the middle of the night. When I was born, people had to wait for a birth announcement in the mail. Not anymore! From then on, I would take a new photo every day and post it, e-mail it or text it to anyone who was interested as an update on our kid’s progress.

5. Work: I work as a freelance writer. Thus, going into labor out of the clear blue didn’t mean I just had one boss to call. I had clients with stuff I was supposed to get to them. I needed to e-mail people, darn it! And I did. Straight from my bed. Straight from my iPhone. Handy!

Although I’m not sure if another kid is ever in my future, I do know that if one is…My iPhone is coming back to the hospital with me! In the meantime, I recommend downloading these before you head to the hospital:
Facebook FX photo Angry birds