FX Photo Studio

Photo FX FX Photo Studio
Price: $0.99
The selection of photo apps available via the iTunes store can be a little daunting at times. With such a wide array of capabilities and price points, it’s hard to select an app that will allow you and your kids to take fun photos and share them with friends and family.

We’ve recently discovered FX Photo Studio and there’s no doubt that this photo app is well worth its $0.99 price tag. To use the app, simply take a photo with your iPhone or 4th generation iPod Touch and import it to the app. Within the app, you can apply one of over 180 photo effects to your photo and make it something totally new.

Want to turn your photo into a drawing? Use the Sketches filter. Looking for some glitter? Try out the Sparkles effect.

No matter what you’re looking for, Fx Photo Studio offers a fun look for photos of all sorts, from butterfly borders…

…To black and white tones to mimic an old TV picture…

…Or overlays of funky tones…

Beyond quickly making any photo into a fun work of art, the app also allows users to crop, flip, and share photos with ease. With highly adjustable settings, users can make the app as detailed or simple as they like. And we like that!