Best Free Preschool Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Preschool intro Pre-school is all about ABC’s, 123’s and preparing kids for the rigors of Kindergarten. Whether your little tyke is a regular at the local preschool, or they’ve yet to attend their first day of school, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch preschool apps are sure to help refine your youngster’s foundation of knowledge. With great graphics, cute characters and creative learning methods, the best free preschool apps are cheap ways to help give toddlers a head start on school.

Toddler Teasers Toddler Teasers Shapes
Price: Free
Identifying shapes is a major skill for preschool students to master. Toddler Teaser Shapes asks children to identify stars, squares, circles and more in a quiz-type setting. As a series of shapes are displayed, kids must touch the appropriate shape in order to earn a bevy of stickers to add to their virtual reward books.

Farm Animals Preschool Games Farm Animals
Price: Free
Agriculture is a key part of our food supply and helping children identify farm animals early on is important whether you live on a farm, or in the Big Apple. Preschool Games- Farm Animals uses real, clear photos of animals to help children learn the identity of goats, cows, chickens and more.  Each new page displays a choice of three animals, and requests that children tap the animal whose name is written on the screen.  Easy learning, and easy operation!

Timmy's Preschool Timmy’s Preschool Lite
Price: Free

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of functions included in this lite version of Timmy’s Preschool Lite. Four games are included with the free download that help little ones practice coloring, shapes, matching, sequential ordering and patterns. Basic games encourage kids to complete simple tasks like connecting the dots in the right order, while refining a wide array of basic preschool skills.

ABC Alphabet ABC Alphabet Phonics Preschool Kids Game Free
Price: Free
Learning the ABC’s becomes a personalized experience with the use of ABC Alphabet Phonics. Pre-loaded games prompt children to recognize letters by sight and sound. However, my favorite part of this app is the ability to record a parent or child’s voice into the game, as well as download photos of items familiar to your child in order to help link letters and sounds to everyday objects. Perhaps “G” is for “Grandma,” who can suddenly appear in the app!

Letter Tracing ABC Letter Tracing Free Writing Practice for Preschool
Price: Free
After kids recognize letters, it’s time to start learning how to write them. This simple app allows children to practice forming letters by tracing a dotted outline that appears on the iPhone screen. While typical practice may require lots of time in front of a paper, with pencil in hand, this method allows kids to practice their handwriting skills in a fun, electronic format that parents can break out at anytime.