Best Free Kids iPod Touch Games

Beyond music, games are typically the underlying reason that kids want an iPod Touch. What youngster doesn’t like the idea of bopping around to their favorite tunes while tapping and touching their way through virtual games? Fortunately, some of the best free kids iPod Touch games offer lots of entertainment for little cost. Regardless of whether your toddler is borrowing an iPod Touch to play around, or your teenager has been graced with their very own device, there are plenty of age-appropriate, free games ready for download.

Jigsaw Jumble Jigsaw Jumble
Price: Free
The challenges of jigsaw puzzles become mobile with the Jigsaw Jumble app. Children in elementary through high school will be able to adjust the difficulty of this game by selecting one of nearly 50 images to turn into a 25, 36 or 49 piece puzzle. To solve the puzzle, users simply drag and drop pieces into place from a pile of choices. I like that this provides all of the thinking and visualization of a puzzle, without all of the mess.

SkyBurger SkyBurger
Price: Free
If you’ve ever played the game “Scoops” on your iPod Touch, you’ll quickly understand why SkyBurger is every bit as addictive and even more fun. In this motion-controlled game, players must assemble a burger with only the ordered ingredients by tipping the iTouch from side to side to stack up a burger as toppings fall from the sky. As orders get filled correctly, players earn “tips” and get promoted within the SkyBurger company. The only problem is that you’ll want a milkshake and fries after you play.

Toy Story 3 Toy Story 3 Memory Match
Price: Free
This memory match game incorporates characters from the Disney Pixar hit Toy Story 3 into a classic memory game format. Preschool through elementary-aged children will be forced to put their short term memory to work as they touch cards to quickly reveal their images. Players must then remember where each image is placed and match it up with its pair. Kids will stay engaged as they get their Toy Story fill without plopping down in front of the TV.

Sandwich makrer Sandwich Maker
Price: Free
Food maker games are wildly popular iPod Touch games among kids. In this one, children are able to create their own sandwich masterpiece by choosing toppings, condiments and  breads from a wide selection. Little chefs will be making subs in no time. Be aware, however. Like most food maker apps, Sandwich Maker does feature a few in-app purchases for additional “ingredients.” Be sure to turn off  your in-app purchase abilities before letting kids play.

On Target On Target: Loaded Finger
Price: Free
With a wide variety of mini games, On Target: Loaded Finger provides all of the fun of an arcade shooting game without the high cost of those pesky game tokens. Featuring cartoon birds, players are challenged to shoot the birds by aiming at a target with their finger and tapping to take down the targets. Although this game is a blast, unfortunately it’s only fully operational on the 4th generation of iPod Touch, or your iPhone.