Best Free Apps For iPhone


We traditionally review best apps for kids. This time we’ve drawn up a list of 8 of the best free apps for iPhone ever that everyone can enjoy. These free apps are picked based upon their functionality and most frequent downloads from the Apple App Store. Take your time and view these best free apps and their descriptions and load your iPhone with a few for your enjoyment.

Angrybirdsrio Angry Birds Rio Free
Price: Free

Angry Birds Rio Free is too much fun to be free. In this version of the avian adventures game, the birds are kidnapped and taken to Rio de Janeiro. The birds escape and are on a mission to save their friends from their captors. You can expect the same fun and physics as the original in Angry Birds Rio Free with 6 levels of game play and new achievements. This is a “must have” game on your iPhone.

Shazam Shazam
Price: Free

Shazam is a feature rich music app that will “WOW” you with the benefits it offers. Have you ever caught a tune on your car radio and wondered who the artist was and the title of the song? With Shazam, you don’t have to wonder anymore. Hold your iPhone close to the speaker while Shazam identifies the artist and title and finds videos along with lyrics to share with friends. Take your love for music in a new direction.

Facebook Facebook
Price: Free

As one of the most recognized social networks available, Facebook allows friends and families to stay connected. Downloading the Facebook application for your iPhone makes it easier and faster for you to get connected to those you socialize with the most. Chatting, uploading photos, and updating your status can be a breeze with the free Facebook app on your iPhone.

Pandora Pandora
Price: Free

As one of the best free apps for iPhone on our list, owners can enjoy the excitement of Pandora on their phones. Stream music to your iPhone like your own personal radio station that plays exactly the songs you like to hear. Pick your favorite artist or songs and Pandora will create a station for you of those songs. Let Pandora show you how easy it is to make a radio station for you.

Pricecheck Price Check By Amazon
Price: Free

Take your shopping for the best price to a new level with Price Check By Amazon. You can check prices on products you wish to purchase by scanning and comparing them with the prices of the same or like products from and its list of merchant partners. Price Check By Amazon is compatible with iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 devices equipped with auto-focus cameras.

Skype Skype
Price: Free

Skype for iPhone is the convenient way to video call, voice call, and instant message any of your family or friends with Skype for free. Get Skype credit and you can call and text your contacts or any other number with great low rates from Skype. Connect to 3G or Wi-Fi and call Skype contacts for free. A great app to have for the price of free on your iPhone.

Evernote Evernote
Price: Free

And the Best Mobile App Award goes to…Evernote. This free for iPhone app has also been inducted into the Apple “App Hall of Fame” and sits on the list of the NY Times “Top 10 Must Have Apps.” It’s no wonder that it also made our list of best free apps for iPhone. Evernote allows users to create text and audio notes as well as photographic notes. You can synchronize your notes to your Mac or PC and on the internet. Don’t let important thoughts get away from you again. Let Evernote be an extension of your brain.

Espn ESPN Scorecenter
Price: Free

If you are a sports buff, you naturally hate it when you miss any score of any sport. With ESPN Scorecenter, you don’t have to worry about missing anything. With this app on your iPhone, you can keep up to date on scores, news, and standings of all your favorite sports around the clock. Get personalized scoreboards for many live game details.