How to prevent your kid from becoming an iPhone addict?


by iPhoneGuru

There’s little doubt that the Apple iPhone, iTouch, and iPad are fantastic devices. Whether it’s gaming, photography, internet surfing, texting or calling – everything works like a charm on the iPhone. However, it’s often said that excess of anything is bad and using your iPhone is no exception to that rule. That’s especially true of kids who can easily get lost and lose track of time while playing games, watching videos or in general clicking and tapping around on the iPhone. As parents, how do you ensure that your kid isn’t becoming an iPhone addict?

Here are some tips for parents to realize and prevent your children from iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad addiction as soon as possible.

What is iPhone addiction?

First things first, it’s important to know that iPhone addiction is for real and it’s actually bad for your kid. Last year, a Stanford University survey administered to 200 college students confirms that iPhone addiction is a growing phenomenon. 85 percent survey respondents said they use the phone as their watch, and 89 percent said they use it as an alarm clock. Another 15 percent admitted they were addicted to their iPhone to play music, games and movies. Most kids use the iPhone to watch movies, play games or double it up as an iPod to listen to their favorite tracks.

How serious is iPhone addiction for kids?

Now that we know iPhone addiction is for real, is it a big deal for your kids? Should you lose sleep over the fact that your kid is always hooked up to your iPhone? Two psychiatrists in Taiwan have diagnosed a new mental disorder associated with iPhone overuse, or iPhone addiction – “iPhone Addiction Disorder“. They came across a case where a high school kid was addicted to his iPhone screen 24/7 and was not able to make it to school on time most days. If he was denied access to his iPhone, he would scream endlessly and shows symptoms of temper tantrums.

How do you know if your kid is an iPhone addict?Iphone addict kid-1

So, how do you know if your kid is an iPhone addict indeed? For a start, observer your kid’s daily habits closely and answer the following questions.

  • Does your child use your iPhone every day?
  • Does he or she use it for more than two hours per day?
  • Does your child seem to lose all track of time when using the iPhone?
  • Is your child irritable if denied access to the iPhone?
  • Does your child sacrifice sporting activities in lieu of time spent using the iPhone?
  • Have you tried to limit his/ her iPhone access, but in vain?


How to prevent your kid from becoming an iPhone addict?

The most obvious prevention measure is to limit your kids’ iPhone usage. It’s difficult to be strict with kids, but it’s in your kid’s best interests to do so. If needed, lock your iPhone in a drawer so that your kids can’t find it.

The most constructive means to prevent your kid becoming an iPhone addict is to keep him/her busy and involved. Whether it’s house-works, sports or other extra curricular activities, diverting your kid’s attention is important to prevent iPhone addiction.

In most cases, strict parental controls are enough to ensure that your kids do not end up as iPhone addicts. However, kids are after all kids so if you can’t get house in order all by yourself, seek intervention from a qualified professional.

Do you have any tips on how to prevent kids from becoming iPhone addicts? Leave us a note here.