Best New Kids Apps

Best apps intro As more and more great apps are submitted by developers to, we’re happy to review the submissions and select a few of our favorites to highlight for our readers. This time, there’s apps to help youngsters learn to associate sounds with objects, apps to encourage musical play and apps that inspire imagination. Check them out and let us know what you think!

iSoundGrid Kids
Price: $1.99

Great for preschool-aged students, iSoundGrid Kids provides children with a screen of simple icons that play easily recognizable noises each time an icon is touched. From farm animals to household objects, this app helps kids quickly associate sounds with objects. Another benefit is the ease of use provided by a simple, straightforward interface.

Castaway Jelly
Price: Free

This simple game is a super pick for kids who are too young to be successful with more complicated game concepts. To play, kids simply tilt the iPhone to navigate their jellyfish through a maze of sea creatures, avoiding the bad ones and scoring points as they whip through whirlpool portals. Although there’s not much to it, I know a few toddlers who will love Castaway Jelly.

Drum Circle Kids
Price: $0.99
Kids will learn all about different musical drum noises while also getting a taste of diverse cultures as they explore the sounds of drums from around the world with Drum Circle Kids. With a super kid-friendly interface this app is both visually and audibly interesting!

Price: $2.99
If you’re searching for an innovative way to introduce your children to different languages from around the world, Animatopoeia provides a fun way to start with basic sounds. Using the noises animals make, the simple interface allows users to click on the flag of one of nine countries to hear the sound as it is interpreted in a different language. This is barnyard noises taken to a whole new level!

Toca Tea Party
Price: $2.99
Talk about a neat concept! Toca tea party has no strategy, no points…Just a fun way to play imaginary tea party. This app will turn your iPad into a tabletop where your kids can choose the place settings and tea party fare before you sit down to consume your virtual treats and engage in a little lovely tea chatter.