Best iPad Apps for Kids of All Ages

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With new apps constantly in development for the iPad, and the recent release of the iPad 2, we’re taking some time to review some of the best iPad kids apps. From learning to laughing, there’s plenty of iPad apps to keep the whole family entertained and engaged with everybody’s favorite tablet.

Peek a boo Forest icon Peek-a-boo Forest
Price: $1.99
This is the first interactive storybook I’ve come across that reminds me of the books I loved as a child. Simple, yet well-executed artwork leads children on an interactive narrative to explore different creatures within a forest landscape. Throughout the story, children keep an eye out for movement on the screen and simply touch the object to learn about whatever animal is hiding in the forest. Peek-a-boo Forest is an ideal choice for toddlers who are ready to move beyond recognition of the typical barnyard inhabitants.

Park Math Park Math HD for iPad
Price: $1.99
The developers that have released popular children’s apps like “Wheels on the Bus,” are back again with a new math app for children in pre-school through first grade. Adorable animals at the park help children learn to count, as well as practicing basic addition and subtraction equations. The best part is that Park Math comes with levels that focus the game to an appropriate grade level for your child. And the graphics are just plain cute.

Xylophone Awesome Xylophone
Price: Free
Although it sounds simple, what kid doesn’t love to make noise? The Awesome Xylophone app quickly turns your iPad into a xylophone adorned with bright colors and musical notes. Whether you have a little one who just loves to tap the screen and wait for sound, or an older child that is learning the importance of musical notes, this is a fun iPad app that’s….Free!

SwipeTapTap SwipeTapTap
Price: $1.99
SwipeTapTap is an appropriate game choice for anyone in the family from kids to Grandma. Much like the Simon memory game, players must use their reflexes and mind to follow a series of floating balls with directional instructions. The goal is to swipe when you should, tap when you should and see how long you can go before your pattern goes awry. Different levels allow players to test their memory, speed and endurance. Why not challenge the whole family to see whose got the most nimble fingers in the house?

Scrabble Scrabble for iPad
Price: $9.99
There’s no better game to get kids interested in spelling, vocabulary and strategy than Scrabble. This iPad version allows families to play on-the-go, without the hassle of a game board and all those little lettered tiles. When others around the house are available, Scrabble can be played in person. Otherwise, players can challenge friends via an online network and keep the game going for days at a time! This is a great choice for family entertainment.

Do you have a favorite iPad kids app? Please drop us a comment.