Best iPad Apps for Kids with Special Needs

Ipad_disabled_child The Apple App Store is full of iPad apps that can entertain and educate our special kids with Autism, learning disorders, help them improve improve social skills. Here’s our best iPad apps for kids with special needs.

Price: Free

Autism is perhaps the most common disorder amongst kids. Autism Xpress helps autistic kids improve their social interaction, communication and behavior. The app walks through several emotions to increase a kid’s overall emotional IQ.



StoStorybuilder for ipadryBuilder for iPad
Price: $3.99

Kids often find it difficult to interpret paragraphs and integrate ideas. StoryBuilder for iPad is a great app as it provides a fun environment for improving the ability to create a narrative. The app helps kids improve on address sentence formation, story structure, turn-taking, fluency and articulation.


Price: $1.99

An audio-only game that helps kids identify and react to the audio from surroundings. The app uses bespoke musical elements to help kids with special needs feel moods, emotions and progression. The app uses shake, slide and tilt to control the sounds and complete the challenges, thereby challenging a kid’s sensory motions.

Price: $2.99

iWriteWords is a fun app that helps kids learn to write numbers and letters while playing a fun and entertaining game. The app has several innovative features such as if you tilt your iPad, the letters slide into the rotating hole and the app advances to the next level.



Model ModelmegoingplacesMe Going Places
Price: Free

Some kids often fear going outdoors. Model Me Going Places for the iPad is a great visual teaching tool for helping such kids learn to navigate challenging locations such as playground, grocery stores, restaurants, malls etc. This app is especially handy for kids with Autism and Asperger Syndrome.


Off We Go – GOffwegooing on a Plane
Price: $3.99

This iPad app allows kids overcome fear of travelling. The Off We Go app serves as a book which helps prepare kids for going on a plane in a fun and practical way. The simple clear pictures and everyday language explain to them what is likely to happen, helping them to get through the journey more easily, thereby helping reduce anxiety and making air travel a fun experience for them.


Price: $13.99

Stories2Learn (S2L) is a great app to create personalized stories using photos, text, and audio messages. Parents can use this app to create stories in order to improve their kid’s visual and social skills. The app offers a great visual learning experience and allows parents to create stories to help kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or others with special needs that thrive on these visual supports.


BehavioBehaviorassessmentpror Assessment Pro
Price: $24.99

Behavior Assessment Pro is a comprehensive app which helps identify factors related to problem behaviors. The app uses a three-part questionnaire to assess a kid’s behavioral patterns and it provides handy information that can be used to guide direct observations, systematic manipulations, behavior support plan development or for IEP purposes.

Autismtimer Autism Timer
Price: $2.99

Autism Timer uses beeps, vibrations and a combination of colors (green, yellow, red) to help kids keep track of the elapsed time.