Best Free iPhone Games

  Mainpic iphone games When it comes to iPhone games, the number of choices are endless. Parents and children can spend countless hours in search of the next best game that will appeal to their gaming needs. We have decided to bring you a list of the best free iPhone games to keep your search short and simple. You will find below the games that have the highest ratings by users from across the spectrum. We found these games to be great and trust that you will too.



Istunt iStunt 2 Insane Hills
Price: Free

One of the most talked about games since its release is the increasingly popular iStunt 2 Insane Hills. If you are a fan of snowboarding, this game is a must have on your iOS device. Get ready to be amazed as you perform the most impossible stunts and jumps to escape deadly saws. iStunt 2 has defied all laws of gravity in a game that brings you eye-catching graphics in combination with on point controls and amazing physics.

Angrybirds Angry Birds Free
Price: Free

Kids, as well as adults, are enjoying one of the most played games on iOS and other platforms. Why are the birds angry in Angry Birds Free? Green pigs have stolen their eggs and the birds are out to get revenge. Players control the birds and use their special powers to destroy the fortified castles of the little green thieves.

Words Words With Friends Free
Price: Free

When it comes to word games, none across any platform have the fun and excitement factor that Words With Friends Free creates. New in version 4.01, you can expand your list of opponents by linking this delightfully addictive game to Facebook to play with all your friends there. You can also do an instant match-make to play against any random opponent. Enjoy this game immensely as time slips away from you.

Fruit ninja Fruit Ninja Lite
Price: Free

So much fun is packed into Fruit Ninja Lite. This game is simple while at the same time provides a level of satisfaction through all the action it provides. As a player, your job is to swipe your screen to slash any fruit you see. However, just because you will be slashing fruit like a professional ninja warrior in Fruit Ninja Lite doesn’t mean it will be easy. Fun and exciting game play.

Zombie farm Zombie Farm
Price: Free

You’ve seen the scores of Zombie movies where the Zombies just don’t die. In the game Zombie Farm, instead of exhausting energy to kill them you can farm them. Players grow and harvest their own farm of these living dead creatures by selecting from a rich supply of crops and corpses to plant. Your neighbors won’t approve of your Zombie Farm and now the fun begins.  

Scoops ice cream Scoops Ice Cream Fun For Everyone
Price Free

Family fun is what it’s all about and Scoops ‚Äì Ice Cream Fun For Everyone provides fun for the kids and adults in the family. How how can you stack your ice cream? Can you stack it to the moon? You will get your chance to do just that in this exciting game. Stack your ice cream cone high to the sky by tilting your phone left and right to catch the scoops of ice cream. There is one thing ‚Äì watch out for the vegetables. You will have great wobbly fun!

Cut the rope Cut The Rope Lite
Price: Free

Imagine a mysterious package you didn’t order arrives and there is a creature inside that has only one request of you. You have to give it candy. Cut The Rope Lite is a fun-filled game that has 18 levels that are tricky and addictive. Be prepared to have big fun from one of the App Store’s most innovative and original games. Cut The Rope Lite is easy to learn and intuitive to play.

Unofree Uno Free
Price: Free

This classic card game comes to life on the screen of your iPhone. Uno Free brings intuitive touchscreen controls while providing an engaging presentation. Simply drag and drop your cards onto the screen to be the first one out of cards. When in multiplayer mode, get ready for some real action-packed fun as this classic game transforms itself into the ultimate family game.


Do you agree with this list? Do you have your favorites? Please drop us a note.