Best Free Board Game Apps

Intro Checkers aren’t always the most convenient toy to take along on a road trip. However, the magic of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad have allowed everyone’s favorite board games to become completely portable. Whether your family is fascinated by the wordy challenges of Scrabble, or you prefer the methodical movement of Chess, there are hundreds of board game apps to choose from. This week, we’ll take a look at some of the best free board game apps that will keep the fun going without breaking the bank.

Checkers Checkers Free
Price: Free
Checkers is a game that has appeal for the entire family. With a simple set of rules, children are ready to begin playing as soon as they are capable of understanding basic patterns and game play. The Checkers Free app has been a popular choice in the iTunes board game market for quite some time, and understandably so.  With Checkers Free you can play against a friend in two player mode, or without an opponent in computer challenge mode.

Scrabble Scrabble Free
Price: Free
This free version of the popular word building game, Scrabble, gives users the chance to play with friends or family members who have also downloaded the app. Just like in the original board game, players are required to use a random selection of letters to assemble words worth as many points as possible. The downside? Due to the free nature of the game, players are required to log on via a Facebook account to begin playing, thus parents will need to allow access to their Facebook account or a monitored account for older children.

Chess Chess Free
Price: Free
I’ve always been impressed by children who are chess stars. The patience required to methodically work your way through a game of chess is a great way to teach children not only a game, but a whole new way of thinking. The Chess Free app transforms all of the pawns and pieces of chess into a portable game that can be played with a friend, or against an electronic computer opponent.

Four in a Row Four in a Row Free
Price: Free
Children can challenge their friends or family members, or play against the game itself, as they attempt to place four similar colored tokens in a row. There’s no tricks or complicated rules here; simply an ability to recognize patterns and predict the actions of your opponent, making Four in a Row Free a great, easy game for kids of all ages. To play, users simply drag and drop their token into a slot and wait for their opponent’s next move.

Unblock me Unblock Me Free
Price: Free
I’m a big fan of games that require you to think while you play, and that become oddly addictive. Unblock Me Free is one of those games! Players of all ages will enjoy working through a series of 400 puzzles provided in this free game. To complete each level, users must methodically move wooden blocks around the screen to “unblock” a red block. This is a fun teaser puzzle game for the whole family!