Best Free Android Apps for Kids

Free-large-android256 There are a ton of Android apps for kids and with there being so many, finding the right application for your kids can be overwhelming. One of the main reasons is that it gets a little crowded when trying to find the best free Android kids apps. We have decided to make your search a bit easier by providing you a list of 5 applications that you and your kids will enjoy. From educational applications, religious to gaming fun, these best free Android kids apps are worth your look.


Kids shape-market Kids Shape Puzzle Lite – Preschool

Price: Free

This game is not just educational, but it is also entertaining for preschool aged children. With 20 different puzzles, your child will get the opportunity to try them all before you decide to buy the full version. Your kids will enjoy sliding the pieces of the Kids Shape Puzzle into their proper places which will reveal to them the image. The game is designed to help your children develop their motor and cognitive skills.

Kids connect-market Kids Connect The Dots Lite – Preschool

Price: Free

Many adults today remember the fun and mystery of the connect the dot games in kindergarten. Now your kids can enjoy the same kind of fun from the Kid Connect The Dots Lite game from the Android market. Children connect the dots to reveal a recognizable image. This game will be instrumental in helping your kids learn their numbers and alphabet in a way that is fun and engaging.

Childrens bible-market Children’s Bible

Price: Free

Christian parents love making their kids aware of who Jesus is and how important He is when it comes to their faith. While there are a number of books that can assist you in teaching your child about the Bible, this application gives you and your child another level of excitement. With 218 stories, this app gives your children the opportunity to read stories from the Bible that come from the Old Testament and the New Testament. You and your children can connect and reconnect with your faith all while learning the importance of Jesus in an easy to understand way.

Hellokitty Hello Kitty Jigsaw Puzzle

Price: Free

This popular little kitty is a favorite among kids in any form that they can have her. This free android application will allow your children to move around the shapes of the puzzle to put them in place to form a complete picture. The puzzle comes with two levels which are labeled as rookie and professional. The game’s level of difficulty can also be adjusted to test your child’s development over a period of time.



Price: Free

It is never too early to get your child involved in learning. Shapes is an educational application that you can introduce to your child as early as 6 months old. Children can learn their basic colors with the help of flash cards from the shapes game while learning the shape of the object simultaneously. Other features of this application allow you to utilize the edit mode to change the text and pictures of your flash cards.