Best Apps for Learning Spanish

Intro Hola, amigos! Have you looked at job postings lately? Whether you’re working in the tech industry, or searching for a fast food career, it seems companies are far more likely to hire individuals who are capable of speaking Spanish. Consider the benefits of understanding and speaking Spanish in today’s society, and there’s no denying that knowing Spanish will be a major benefit for our children as they grow, travel and enter the job market.

Why not utilize the educational power of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to begin learning Spanish as a family? Whether you’re working with little ones to learn the basics, or you have a high school student working to become bi-lingual, there’s an app to help the process. Ole!

Kids Spanish Kid’s Spanish
Price: $1.99
The mind of a little one is like a sponge. Take advantage of that fact by introducing children to basic Spanish words early in life! Kid’s Spanish helps children, and parents alike, learn the Spanish translation for ABC’s, colors, shapes, animals, foods and more. Within each section of the app, children are shown a photo of an object. As each item is touched, the Spanish word for the item is shown on the screen and spoken simultaneously. This seems like a great way to learn a few words together and practice them throughout the day.

Spanish 101 Spanish 101
Price: $7.99
Although this app is a little bit pricey, it seems like an ideal study guide for high school students that are working through their Spanish language requirements, or parents who are determined to learn a new tongue. Complete with flashcards, quizzes, pronunciation assistance and puzzles, the various sections of this app offer users a highly customizable experience.

Rosarita Jump Rosita’s Jump Count
Price: $1.99
In this app, kids get a little physical activity with their Spanish lesson, as they count along with the friendly Sesame Street monster, Rosita.  To make the app work, children must jump up and down, with the iPhone in hand as they count along with Rosita to one hundred. The language switches from English to Spanish, so this one is good practice for counting and language. Just be sure your iPhone is in a sturdy case. You never know when an accidental drop may happen during a jump!

MyWords MyWords  Learn Spanish Vocabulary
Price: $9.99
This is another “expensive” app, however I would recommend it as a purchase for the whole family. Middle school students and their parents could easily use this app as the centerpiece of a family learning project. The goal? MyWords strives to help people memorize ten Spanish words each day. You’ll be prompted to learn by repeating words, reviewing previous words and associating the word with its meaning. How great would this be for a little family language preparation before a vacation to Mexico?

Maria's Maria’s Spanish Class
Price: $6.99
Elementary students, high school students, parents and grandparents alike will find lots of Spanish learning in Maria’s Spanish Class. I like this app for the fact that it truly is structured like a Spanish class. Instead of simply memorizing and repeating words, you’ll learn facts about different Latin cultures, begin to form sentences and practice verb conjugation. With dedication, this app could easily help complete beginners learn enough to make their way through a Spanish conversation.