P-Flip Solar Charging Dock for iPhone

Pflip small

One of the most common complaints about the iPhone is a short battery life. This eco-friendly, awesome device is the P-Flip Foldable Solar Power dock, and it’s purpose is to extend the life of the iPhone battery by putting the power of the sun to work.

After being exposed to the sun’s natural light for approximately 15 hours, the P-Flip will extend the talk time of the iPhone by 6 hours, gaming time by 10 hours and music time by (get this!) 40 hours. That’s a full work week! Once the P-FlipĀ  is charged, users simply need to slide their phone in the dock and use it as normal.

Another great feature of the P-Flip is its ability to hold the iPhone at a vertical angle for easy movie viewing in a hands-free format. Available for $79.99, we think the P-Flip would be a great accessory for parents on long flights, long drives or times when you simply don’t have the minutes to wait for your phone to charge!

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