Best iPhone Games for Moms

Introby Berna

I can hear most of you thinking: You are kidding, right? How can a mother have any time to play iPhone games? Yes, you are right. We do not have the luxury of being bored or “having time to kill”. Sigh. But haven’t you ever waited in a long line, bored from looking at the gossip magazines when getting your hair colored, or been simply stuck on a 6 hour plane ride with nothing but a boring airline magazine? Just for those situations, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite games for iPhone moms.

Sally Icon Sally’s Spa
Full Version Price: $2.99
Lite Version: Free
Help Sally run her day spa by working with customers, selling product and keeping appointments on schedule in exotic locations throughout the world. This is a great game where each episode will take you about 5-15 minutes to complete. Do not play this when you are getting your hair cut though, it is simply too weird.
Sally SS 1

JoJo icon JoJo’s Fashion Show 2
Full Version Price: $2.99
Lite Version: Free
Which mom does not like fashion? Compete in fashion shows around the world as you create your own trendy looks for both male and female models. Test and improve your fashion knowledge at the same time. Comes with a warning though: Playing this game makes you want to go shopping.


Hot Springs icon Hot Springs Story
Full Version Price: $3.99
No lite version
You becomeĀ  the entrepreneur of your very own Japanese hot springs inn, as you work to create lush gardens and inviting accommodations. This game is too addictive and more suitable for playing in long stretches of time, like long plane rides. All that simulation eats up battery though, so make sure to bring extra battery pack to the ride.
Hot Springs Story

Surviving HS icon Surviving High School
Full Version Price: $0.99
Lite Version: Free

Women love relationships and being social. How about using these skills for trying to be the most popular student in the school? Re-live high school memories as you work your way into updated weekly episodes of this cyber high school “reality” series.

Surviving HS SS1

Diner Dash icon Diner Dash
Full Version Price: $2.99
Lite Version: Free

Take up waitressing without all that time on your feet by playing Diner Dash and helping transform a basic diner into a gourmet affair. You’ll serve, seat and accommodate guests with a simple touch of the finger. This games definitely makes my “top 10 favorite games ever” list.

Diner Dash SS1

Hotel dash icon Hotel Dash
Full Version Price: $2.99
Lite Version: Free
Similar concept to Diner Dash, this time you’ll be working to keep hotel guests happy as you rush between floors and renovate hotels of all sorts. If you like Diner Dash, you would love this also.
Hotel dash ss1

Are you an iPhone mom and love games? Please share with us which iPhone games you play, and most importantly how you find the time to do so!