Funniest iPhone Videos

Funny iPhone Videos We’re all about laughs and giggles here at So, this week we took to the web to bring you some of our favorite funny iPhone videos. Whether cute kids, crazy kittens or a good old iPhone sing-along gets your belly jiggling with laughter, there’s sure to be a video on our list to brighten your day.

Giggly Baby
This toothless little man finds the rattle within the White Noise app, well, hysterical. And thus, I find him hysterical.

Cat’s Don’t Need Phones
“Oh, my paws are just too big for this touch screen…Get it away from me. Meow.”

iPhone Lovin’ Little Girls
These two adorable little gals have a whole series of iPhone vs. Blackberry videos put together by their iPhone lovin’ mama. Cute, is what these two are. Thanks for inspiring these two budding thespians, Apple!

“I want an iPhone”
Straight from the New York Times, an iPhone sing-along. I wonder if all the Verizon loyals felt this way until a few weeks ago?

Life Without the iPhone
Don’t we all feel this way sometimes? What do you mean I can’t swish my finger across the computer screen to flip the page. Ridiculous!