Coolest iPhone Cases

Oh, sure. Anybody can stroll into Best Buy, pick up a plain Jane case for their iPhone and protect it from scratches and bumps. But what’s the fun in that? As more and more people make the iPhone their mobile communication device of choice, the number of wacky ways to spruce up the outside of your iPhone has grown exponentially. Let’s take a peek at some of the cool ones!

Cassette Skins
Price: $5.99
This high quality decal will smooth over the back of your iPhone to make it look like you’re chatting on a…cassette tape? That’s right! Give your phone a quick old school make over with this totally rad skin. They’re available from retailers on for just over five bucks.
Coolest iPhone Cases

Chocolate Bar Case
Price: $24.99-$29.99
Any Hershey’s lover will be constantly tempted by this one: an iPhone case that looks like a chocolate bar. Although it may be tempting to break off those little chunks and pop them in your mouth, the  silicone texture should be enough to deter you. This one is funky, fun and looks like it would definitely offer some protection against drops!
Coolest iPhone Cases

Sports Car Case

Price: $44.95
This hard case actually looks like a miniature red sports car. As if your kids didn’t already want to play with your phone enough…Now you can make it into a Hot Wheel. This sleek design actually has a very 3-dimensional look in the photos. We’d love to know what it actually looks like in person!
Coolest iPhone Cases

Recession Case
Price: 10 for $7.99
Maybe fancy cases aren’t your thing. Perhaps times are tough and you spent all of your cash on the iPhone itself. In that case, it’s Recession Case to the rescue. This silly spoof case offers protection via a cardboard box cut to fit the shape of your phone. And, as ridiculous as this case may seem, I see a great art project opportunity for parents and their kids. Why not let the little ones decorate a “case” for you?
Box case
iPhone Hoodie
Price: $18.00
If you just need a safe place to slip your iPhone, why not offer it a cozy little hoodie of its own? This case is shaped like a miniature hoodie for the iPhone and might also be a cool option for teens with an iPod Touch to protect. Check around for these, as everybody from Urban Outfitters to Etsy retailers have their own take on this comfy iPhone style.

Diamond Studded Case
Price: $20,000
That’s right…$20,000. If you’re just looking for a way to blow money, the diamond studded iPhone case offers to wrap your device in 18k gold and 3.5 carats worth of diamond studs. Then there’s something about “rare gold carbon fiber leather.” Goodness only knows how much a jacket made of that stuff would cost. Although the price may be steep, the case does come with free shipping!