Classmate+ Laptop: Just for Kids

Kid Laptop little
Kids and computers go together like peanut butter and jelly in today’s tech-happy culture. The folks at the Intel and Lenovo companies have taken this realization to a new level by releasing a laptop created with young users in mind. The Classmate+ is a durable, basic laptop in a briefcase format, complete with a handle and all.

Like most of the laptops available in today’s market, the Classmate+ is WiFi compatible and compact, with a 10″ screen. The idea behind the Classmate+ is to offer an affordable, durable option for children in developing countries who otherwise may have little to no computer access.

We’d tell you where you can pick one up for your youngster, but unfortunately…You can’t. For now, the Classmate+ is available only to educational organizations and institutions for purchase and distribution in limited quantities.

However, we like the idea of making technology available in a useful format for kids in less fortunate locales.

Kid Laptop big

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