Best New Kids Apps

Blueawardribbon It’s time again to review a few of the best new apps submitted by developers to From time to time, we like to look through what developers have sent our way and recommend a few faves for our readers to check out. If you would like your app to be considered for this list, please submit your app.

This week’s selections include storybooks, healthy eating encouragement and kid-friendly entertainment. Read on!

The Gnat and the Lion
Price: $1.99
The Gnat and the Lion is a cute rendition of a children’s storybook that tells the tale of an annoying little gnat and a big ol’ lion. Children can choose to read the book to themselves, or read along with a narrated version. To help instill word recognition, each word of the storybook lights up as it is read aloud in the narrated version. Combine that with the well-done, brightly colored illustrations, and we think The Gnat and the Lion is a winner.

Healthy Kids
Price: $3.00
This app is a concept I hadn’t yet seen for children: a food tracker! As children eat their way through the day, they can work together with a parent to keep track of how many fruits, veggies, grains and such that they have eaten. This is a great idea for the family that is consciously trying to eat better and be aware of what’s going into their bodies. I see no reason that mom & dad can’t track right along with their children and reward the whole family for healthy eating. Although sweets are a good thing in moderation, this app helps kids (and parents) be aware of any holes in their nutrition.

Price: $0.99
FlapFlap is one of those games that appears to be extraordinarily simple. However, for some reason, it also ends up being addictive! FlapFlap is based on a basic concept: move the phone up and down to control your bird and collect floating rings as you fly through different obstacles. Perhaps it’s the ease of operation, combined with the motor skills challenge of keeping the bird in flight that makes this game so entertaining.

Charlie Wonders MILK
Price: $3.99
Charlie Wonders MILK is an interactive story app that every parent should take the time to explore with their child. Recent media reports have proven that far too many children are unaware of where their food comes from. Charlie Wonders MILK aims to end that trend by following Charlie, a young boy, and his pets on a journey to bring milk from the cow to the carton. Cute narrative voices and fun farm illustrations are a surefire way to get your little one asking about how everything else gets to the store, too! An awesome concept!

Price: $1.99
TapTot is another app designed to help youngsters in the 3 to 5 age range grasp their colors, letters, numbers and shapes. The cool interface on this one, however, makes it different. Children are challenged to recognize various letters, colors and numbers (depending on the unit they’re working on) and tap them as they fall through the screen. Subdued colors and clear graphics make this app educational without being over-stimulating.