200+ Best Kids Apps Reviewed!


Here at iPhoneandkids.com we’ve introduced our readers to a wide variety of apps for children and their parents that foster learning, fun and exploration of the world around us. This guide is intended to help you locate the reviews on iPhoneandkids.com that are best suited to your needs! 200+ iPhone, iPad, Android Kids App reviews, read on.

Educational Apps for Kids
When young minds are eager for knowledge, these posts are sure to help you find the best educational apps for little ones.

Educational iPad Apps for Young Kids

Best Science Apps for iPad

Best Free iPhone and iPad Kids’ iBooks

How to Encourage Kids to Read: Best Interactive Story Apps

Best Preschool Apps

Math Fun With iPhone

iPhone, iPod Touch Test Prep Apps for High School Students

App for University Rankings

iPhone and iPod Touch Educational Apps for Kids

Best Kids Apps

6 iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Apps for Teaching Children How to Read

Math Fun With iPhone

Best Free Educational Apps

20 Best Apps for Students

Best Free Kids Apps for iPhone

Best Apps for Elementary School

Apps for Kids Fun
Sometimes, a little giggle-inducing entertainment is just what the doctor ordered. Check out these posts for a great selection of kid-friendly, fun aps.

Best Free iPhone Games for Kids

Best Kids Apps With Your Favorite TV Characters

How to Watch TV on Your iPhone or iPad

5 Fun iPhone Apps That Will Make you Laugh

Best New Kids Apps

Apps for Adults
Mom and Dads…Put your iPhone to use! Watch your family’s weight, get creative in the kitchen or keep up on fashion trends.

Best iPhone Cookbook Apps

Best iPhone Apps for Healthy Eating

How to Use Your iPhone to get Instant Coupons

Best iPhone Fashion Apps for Moms

Best Apps for Busy Moms

iPad Apps
The desirable Apple tablet is a natural match for children of all ages. Use these posts to find the best iPad apps for your youngsters.

6 Best iPad Coloring Apps

Best Free iPad Games for Kids

iPad Apps for Kids

Android Apps
For the Android users, there’s plenty of children’s gaming and education options, as well. We review them in these posts!

Best Free Android Apps for Kids

Best Android Apps for Kids

Android: Best Free Kids Apps

Android: Best Free Educational Apps

Tips for Parents
Technology and children can be a tricky match. We offer tips to parents of tech kids of all ages in these posts.

How Much Time Should Kids be Allowed to Play with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

How to  Track Kids Locations Using Mobile Apps

How to Create Folders on the iPhone and iPod Touch

Best iPod Touch and iPhone Accessories for Kids

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Avoid Accidental App Purchases: How to Turn Off In-App Purchasing

How to Disable Internet Access and App Downloads on iPhone and iPad

Verizon vs. ATT: Which is the Better Choice for Parents?

How to Find a Lost iPod Touch

Which is the Better Gaming Platform for Kids: Nintendo DS vs. iPod Touch