Android: Best Free Kids Apps

Parents with Android smart phones don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on great kids apps to keep the little ones entertained. Whether you’re searching for a fun puzzle app, or just need a coloring book on-the-go, these free android apps are sure to keep you and the kids happy!


Talking Tom Car Talking Tom Cat Free
Price: Free
Kids who love animals will find hours of entertainment with Talking Tom Cat. Although the concept is relatively simple: an adorable animated cat, standing in an alley way backdrop; the execution is great. Tom Cat will repeat everything that the user says in hilarious voices, or play along with users by purring when his head is stroked and getting goofy when users poke at his belly. The cute animation, combined with Tom’s personality is a guaranteed good time for kids.

Kids Paint Kids Paint Free
Price: Free
If drawing is your little one’s activity of choice, Kids Paint is one of the most popular free drawing apps on the Android market. Simple controls allow children to use their fingers to create lines, shading and other effects in a wide array of colors. To get a blank screen, users simply shake the phone and masterpieces can be saved by way of screenshots. Take heed, however, that some users have complained about the high probability of children accidentally clicking on ads within this free app.

Angry Birds Angry Birds
Price: Free
Wildly popular on the iTunes market for iPhone users, it’s no wonder that Angry Birds is a popular choice for Android users, as well. To play, users must launch the angry birds towards fortresses built by the greedy pigs who have stolen their eggs. As levels progress, the challenges become more intense as users must figure out the best launch angles and speeds to bring destruction upon the pigs. Regardless of your age, this game is addictive. I warned you!

Bubble Blast 22 Bubble Blast 2
Price: Free
Bubble Blast requires players to identify patterns and burst individual bubbles in an attempt to trigger a chain reaction that bursts multiple bubbles at once. This is the second game in the “Bubble Blast series” and features over 200 levels, with more promised in forthcoming free updates. With cute little faces, it’s hard to resist tapping the bubbles! This is a great option for school aged children who love puzzle apps wrapped up in a game.

Basketball Shot Basketball Shot
Price: Free
Kids love to play with the basketball games at any arcade. Basketball Shot makes hoops practice mobile as players are presented with a screen reminiscent of the popular shot clock arcade games. In a timed setting, users are challenged to make as many hoops as they can with an endless supply of basketballs. The little sports lover in your life will have a blast challenging you and friends to beat their score!