Android: Best Free Educational Apps

Childhood is all about fun…and learning! Some of the best apps available for Android smart phones offer the opportunity for children to learn while they become more familiar with technology.  Many of the best educational apps for Android phones feature basic skills such as animal and shape recognition, while others focus on U.S. History and mathematics. The end result is an array of free educational apps that are appropriate for any age kid!


Connect the Dots Kids Connect the Dots Lite
Price: Free
Designed for preschool children who are just beginning to learn the sequential order of numbers and letters, Kids Connect the Dots is a great value. As players work through the app, they are required to draw lines between a set of dots that have been sequentially labeled with letters or numbers. As children follow the correct order and successfully connect the dots, the image that they traced is magically revealed! A great way to practice 1,2,3’s or A,B,C’s.

Animal Sounds Animal Sounds With Pictures
Price: Free
Young learners will get help learning and reviewing their animal friends with this free Android app. Designed as a set of virtual flashcards, children are able to scroll through 70 different animals. As each new animal is revealed, the card displays a drawing of the animal along with a recording of the noise that it makes. You’ll be hearing cows moo and chickens cluck as young learners associate animals with the right voice!

US Presidents U.S. Presidents
Price: Free
Parents of elementary and middle school children know how important the study of American Presidents is to History class success. This app provides access to biographical information and fun facts about all of the American Presidents, from Washington to Obama. After users have browsed through the historical information and fun facts, they can test their knowledge with a quiz mode included in the download. A great reference for school children and young history buffs.

ABC 123 123’s ABC’s Handwriting Fun Set 1
Price: Free
Being able to recognize letters and numbers is one thing. However, the ability to properly write them is just as important! This free app provides a set of flashcards that covers the numbers 0-10 and the entire English alphabet. To be successful, children must follow the directional arrows and numbered steps to trace each number and letter with their fingers. Although this app receives rave reviews from parents, a few warn to watch out for children accidentally clicking ads at the top of the screen.

Multiplication tutor Multiplication Tutor
Price: Free
Elementary school children will be able to study up for math tests and refine their multiplication skills on-the-run with Multiplication Tutor. This free app offers explanations of the multiplication process, as well as quizzes that feature specific numbers or a random mix. From 0 to 12, users are able to drill times tables into their brain and provide answers with a calculator keypad, opposed to multiple choice options. This one is great practice for those basic tests in school!