How to Organize Your Apps

How to Organize Your Appsby Natalie

I can’t tell you how often I scroll through pages and pages of apps on my iPhone, then back again, in an effort to locate that one app I want to find. As apps are downloaded to the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch it’s not hard for them to quickly become a disorganized mess. In no time at all, the device that was supposed to help keep you organized is eating up time as you search through hundreds of tiny icons just to make a grocery list.

However, your iPhone apps don’t have to be a mess! With just a little bit of time, and a few easy steps, your apps can be organized in a manner that allows you quick access to those you use the most and easy storage for the apps that may otherwise collect some virtual dust.

Fortunately, iPhones have the capability to create folders, much like those found on a computer, to help organize and store your apps. Categories like “Kids,” “Games,” “Mom’s Favorites” and so on will help create an environment that facilitates quick access to everyone’s favorite apps. For a full tutorial on how to create folders, check out this post.

Arranging your apps in a logical order, instead of their download order, can also help organize your iPhone, iPad or iTouch. Take a peek at how simple it is to rearrange, or delete apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, by watching the tutorial below.


There’s also opportunities to organize apps via iTunes itself. To do so, open iTunes on your computer and make sure that you’re running, at a minimum, iTunes 9. If not, select “Software Update” from the Apple menu and allow your version of iTunes to update.

Once you’ve updated, plug in and sync the device to iTunes. When the sync is complete, leave the iPhone or iTouch plugged into the computer and select the device you’d like to organize from the menu on the right hand side of the screen.

Watch for the device information to appear on your screen, and select the “Apps” tab at the top center of the page. This action will open a screen similar to the picture below:


Using the box on the left, you will be able to sort apps by category, name, installation date and more. The right hand box allows you to drag and drop your apps to any screen on your iPod or iPhone; giving you the power to place apps where  you want without scrolling through screen after screen on the device itself.

To save changes after you’ve organized the apps to your liking, select “Apply” on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.