Best Preschool Apps

Best Preschool Apps
Parents are every child’s first teacher. Preparing your little one for the first days of school is a big job as you work your way through numbers, letters, manners and more! Luckily, the best preschool  apps can be a great way to help your toddler practice the basics of preschool education and give them a head start on that first day of Kindergarten. This week, we’ll take a look at some of the best preschool apps available.

Preschool Connect the Dots Preschool Connect the Dots
Price: $0.99

Learning number and letter sequences is an important focus of Preschool Connect the Dots. This is one of the best preschool apps due to its ability to help solidify a child’s understanding of sequential ordering. To play, children must connect the dots in order. For instance: 1,2,3 or A,B,C. By doing so, a picture of a recognizable item will be revealed! Hundreds of puzzles include connect the dots pictures of autos, musical instruments, food and animals to keep the game continually fresh.

ABC Wheels ABCWheels
Price: $1.99

Kids love automobiles. From fire trucks to fast cars, toddlers are usually fascinated with anything that “goes.” ABCWheels couples toddlers’ love of transportation with a fun way to learn the alphabet. Each flashcard within the app features a letter, as well as a vehicle that best represents the letter. The letter is spoken, along with its sound and the name of the vehicle before children are able to move the car throughout the screen and watch an engaging animation play. The best preschool apps combine child-friendly interests with learning opportunities, and ABCWheels is no exception.

Preschool Adventure Preschool Adventure
Price: $0.99

Preschool Adventure is one of the best preschool apps, offering multiple games focusing on a variety of subjects for one low price! Various activities within the app cover topics including colors, numbers, drawing, shapes, matching, sounds, typing and body parts. Each area of the app is accompanied by cute animation-style graphics that will be familiar and engaging for little minds.

Toddler Teasers Shapes Toddler Teasers Shapes
Price: Free

It’s not hard to understand that one of the best preschool apps was developed by the mom of a toddler. This well thought out app helps children recognize shapes through simple, easy-to-understand screens. Children are given a choice of shapes and a spoken voice asks them to touch a particular one. Correct answers earn the child a virtual sticker, while incorrect answers are reviewed with a repeat of the question and a request for the child to try again. Bright colors and easy operation make this a great app for preschoolers.

Alphabet Animals Alphabet Animals
Price: $0.99

If you’re in the market for flashcards that go beyond the usual letter and picture, Alphabet Animals is the best preschool app for you! Each card features a letter of the alphabet, along with great illustrations and animations of an animal that also begins with the displayed better. Children can interact with each card by touching the letter or animal to hear sounds and sentences to help put both the letter, and animal, into context. So many flashcard apps that I’ve seen have simple, everyday graphics, that I was blown away to check out the awesome pictures and well-placed animations that come with Alphabet Animals.

Monkey Preschool Monkey Preschool Lunchbox
Price: $0.99
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox offers lots of learning for one low price. Toddlers will be able to practice a wide range of skills that will help them succeed in the classroom, including counting, letters, colors, puzzle solving and matching. Each game is led by an adorable monkey pal who walks kids through a world of brightly-colored educational graphics.