Best Pregnancy Apps

Best Pregnancy Appsby Natalie
For the past few months I’ve been craving information about pregnancy…and cheddar cheese. When my husband and I found out that we were expecting our first little bundle of joy, we both immediately had questions. How in the world do women remember exactly how far along they are? What does our baby look like? What is he doing in there? Can I eat that salami?

As I often do, I turned to the app store in search of the best pregnancy apps to help us figure out everything that would be taking place over the next nine months or so. Whether you want to keep track of how many days the little one has been growing, remind yourself of the next appointment with the obstetrician or browse animations of your baby’s growth…There’s a pregnancy app just for you!

What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker from
Price: Free
One of the most popular pregnancy print books is undoubtedly “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” Now, the educational value and real world information provided by the book is available in a complimentary app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. After entering your projected due date, the app will give you a basic rundown of how far along you are, how long is left and the approximate weight and size of your growing baby. Another screen runs through basic information for your specific week of pregnancy like new side effects and daily tips for everything from saving on groceries to fighting stretch marks. The best part? You’re able to take and store photos week by week to keep track of that growing belly!

BabyBump BabyBump Pregnancy Pro
Price: $3.99 (Lite version available for free)
A wealth of information is available in an easy-to-navigate format via BabyBump Pro. With the entry of your due date, the app provides relatively realistic graphics of your baby’s formation, basic information on things to watch out for (as well as remedies for pesky side effects), a journal to track your weight, mood and upcoming medical visits, as well as filing systems for belly photos and links to online pregnancy forums. Anyone with questions about whether or not what they’re going through is normal may derive great comfort (and amusement!) from interacting with other expectant mommies via online BabyBump forums. Soothing colors and customizable, feminine graphics help make this app pregnant lady-friendly.

BabyCenter BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today
Price: Free is a popular online destination for expectant moms. Their comprehensive, free pregnancy app helps personalize all the benefits of the website, while making it mobile. A tracking page gives a clear view of your progress, while simple checklists help with weekly reminders to slow down or take care of tasks intermittently in preparation for your baby’s arrival. The most informative section, however, is the “Today” screen. As a blog of sorts, this section offers all kinds of information relative to the stages of pregnancy. Topics ranging from changes taking place in your body, to videos of how an epidural is given, offer real-world knowledge. And I don’t know about you, but knowing what to expect sure helps keep me calm!

Pregnancy Companion Pregnancy Companion
Price: $0.99
Pregnancy Companion wins the award for best value in a pregnancy app! For just $0.99, this app, developed by OB/GYN’s, offers information on the progress of your pregnancy, safe drugs, hydration tracking, kick tracking, contraction tracking, yoga poses, name suggestions and more. With 16 different areas of information in all, nearly everything that a forgetful pregnant brain needs to keep track of can be organized with this one app. The simple interface, fun graphics and great price make this the perfect app for moms of all ages.

IPregnancy iPregnancy
Price: $3.99
For moms that are seeking real-time photos of baby development, iPregnancy offers 3D ultrasound pictures of other babies at each weekly interval. Additionally, all of the information found in other pregnancy apps is found here, as well as tips to help get that all important guy: Dad, involved in the pregnancy. Beware, however. For $3.99, even with the high star rating of this app, many of the features found here can be found for less in other apps.