Best New Kids Apps Jan 2011

Intro image Reviewing the app submissions, directly from app developers themselves, is a great way to get acquainted with some of the best new kids apps available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This week, we took the opportunity to browse the submissions and select a few of our favorites to highlight for you and your little iPhone bandits.

From math apps for elementary students to building virtual trains and flying kites; these apps offer a little something for everyone. Mom & Dad might even find themselves having a good time after downloading a few of the best new kids apps!

ITouchiLearn iTouchiLearn Musical Story for Toddler and Preschool Kids
Price: $1.99
A peppy song is the background for this app that helps children review their responsibilities in getting ready for school, or the day ahead. After picking a favorite character, users work through their morning routine of washing up, getting dressed, eating breakfast and so on. Different modes of play allow users to simply watch as the song and video play, play along as a character, or take on different activities throughout the app. Regardless of whether your child needs some help with a morning routine, or you perhaps are working with a special needs learner, this app help makes the mundane seem fun!


Theater of Skies Kamigo Theater of Skies
Price: $0.99
Children will love soaring their kites through a number of courses in this kite simulator game. The wealth of background options, as well as varying levels of difficulty and kites make this a fun, and different kind of app for children to engage in. The app is easy to use, with easy-to-follow in-app instructions while still allowing for challenge as users work to unlock new types of kites and refine their skills.


Zoo Train Zoo Train
Price: $0.99
By combining education with two of every child’s favorite things: animals and trains, Zoo Train is sure to be a hit with toddlers through kindergarten-aged kids. Five different games focus on music, shape recognition, spelling, letters and matching. Kids can play along by creating their own “zoo train” that chugs through a selection of backgrounds, play a song on the train whistles, or work on their spelling skills by working with the app to recognize the correct position of letters within a word. Beyond it’s educational value, Zoo Train is filled with graphics that are not only cute, but professional quality. This is a great value for the $0.99 price tag.


Math Adventures Math Adventures Number Find for iPad
Price: $4.99
Intended to help make math a little less intimidating, Math Adventures number find is a great app to help children learn the patterns of numbers and basic multiplication tables simultaneously. The game works by challenging users to find a certain number within a blank grid during a limited timeframe. Each grid space is hiding a number, all of which are in sequence. After a few touches, users should be able to realize that when asked to find “39” it’s two boxes below the number “19.” By challenging minds to work, this app will definitely help repeated users become more comfortable with the sequences of numbers.


Mix 'Em Mix Em
Price: $0.99
Four games combined into one app come along with the purchase of Mix ‘Em. Different activities allow children to scroll through zany combinations of outfits for characters, while matching them with their correct environment and other activities promote spelling by challenging kids to create the word associated with the given character. A simple, classic matching game is also included. The nice part, however, is that all of the activities tie together through the use of the same characters in each section. And the characters are adorably animated, to boot!