Best Apps for Elementary School

Intro image Elementary school covers a wide array of topics that are fundamental to children’s future success in school. From multiplication tables to perfecting reading skills, apps targeted to elementary-aged children are a great way to encourage learning while offering a more interactive platform than the standard pencil-and-paper approach.


BrainQuest BrainQuest Blast Off: Grade 3
Price: $2.99
BrainQuest games have been a popular educational tool available to parents and teachers alike for years in hard copy form. Now, the fast-paced, interactive world of BrainQuest flashcards comes to life on the iPhone or iPod Touch. Flashcards covering a wide array of topics your children will be learning in school are arranged in different BrainQuest apps according to grade level. As kids work through the game they will be faced with work jumbles, multiple choice questions and challenge rounds that are sure to keep kids interested in learning. Currently, BrainQuest apps are available for grades 2-7 and one of the apps that I would say is well worth the money.

MadLibs MadLibs
Price: Free
MadLibs are a great way to get the whole family involved in a little bit of English practice as users work their way through a story with lots of blanks. Children are required to fill in nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs to create their very own zany story. Nobody knows the outcome until the end, and while children rack their vocabulary brains, a hilarious story is formed along the way.

MagicMath MagicMath
Price: $0.99
When it’s time to buckle down and get ready for those pesky timed tests, MagicMath is a fantastic app for entertaining practice. Users are able to customize the settings to include addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problems that are solved by entering the correct answer on a calculator-like interface. Fun rewards like virtual sticker and positive reinforcement make this a great fit for kids in first to fourth grades.

IHomework iHomework
Price: $1.99
Elementary school is when students begin to bring home more and more take-home assignments. iHomework is a great way for parents and students to work together in keeping track of homework responsibilities. Upon entering an assignment, students can assign it to a specific class or due date, repetitive status (great for weekly spelling tests!) and even store their teacher’s contact information. If your child has had any trouble staying on top of their homework, this app provides ample opportunity to make homework a team sport for the whole family to work together in ensuring completion.

Stack the States Stack the States
Price: $1.99
Grasping United States geography is an integral part of elementary education. From learning about the State where you live to understanding how the nation is laid out, Stack the States offers an interactive opportunity to make children masters of the U.S. map! Questions throughout the game foster learning about each state and its capitol city, while puzzles to arrange the country correctly and learn to recognize the shape of each state help children gain a visual picture of just what the world outside their window looks like.