Best Apps for Busy Moms

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Whether you’re a working mom, or a stay-at-home mom, there’s no doubt that you’re up to your eyeballs in errands and chores. Moms are some of the busiest people in the world and keeping up with the daily to-do’s, special school projects and doctor’s appointments can become overwhelming in no time flat. However, the iPhone apps below were created to help make life a little easier and we hope that our iPhone moms will find them beneficial!

Put things Off icon Put Things Off
Price: $2.99
Note-taking apps help keep moms organized by offering a one-stop shop to enter and organize notes. Banish all those post-it notes and take your reminders to the iPhone. After creating a new note, users are prompted to assign a “due date,” which the app will file the note under. When users choose to view today’s notes they will be able to see all of the reminders that have been entered for a particular day. Keep track of soccer practice, dry cleaning and PTA meetings without toting around a calendar!

Allrecipes spinner Dinner Spinner
Price: Free
Let’s face it: being the one who figures out what’s for dinner every night can get a little challenging., one of the best user-generated recipe sites on the web, offers quick and creative answers to the age old question, “What’s for dinner?!” To begin, users simply select the type of meal they’re looking for, a main ingredient and time frame for completion. The app then quickly pulls up a listing of recipe suggestions that fit the criteria. Each recipe is complete with reviews, tips and tricks to help get you out of that Hamburger Helper supper rut.

Grocery IQ Grocery IQ
Price: Free
Cut time and money out of your weekly shopping trips by going to the grocery store armed for battle! Grocery IQ allows users to create lists, sorted by category, and check off items as they move through each section of the store. Nifty features include the ability to scan the barcode of an item in your cupboard and have it automatically added to the list. Is the cracker box empty? Scan it in. Found a new favorite juice? Scan! Recent updates to the app also allow users to search for coupons related to their list and print them before leaving the house. Cha-ching!

Weather The Weather Channel
Price: Free
When the evening news doesn’t quite make it into your schedule, this handy app from the Weather Channel will help you keep your finger on the weather forecast. By simply entering your location, the app will generate a current weather report, as well as options to view hour-by-hour, or extended forecasts. The few seconds it takes to check the weather with this app will be sure to help you and your little ones pick out the right fashion for the climate.

BabyTracker BabyTracker
Price: $1.99
When a newborn comes into your life, there’s sure to be plenty of details that seem just too much to keep track of. BabyTracker makes keeping notes of your baby’s potty, sleep and eating habits a breeze. When it’s time for feeding or diaper changes, simply select that option from the home screen of the app and record the event. This is a great tool for sleepy new moms who want to make sure their baby is getting enough to eat and track sleeping patterns!

Do you have your favourite apps as a busy mom? Please share with us.