Best Apps That Make You Fat, Old and Bald

The ability to poke fun at ourselves and those we love is just one of the gifts that the iPhone and iPod Touch have given us. Beyond the world of educational and learning apps, there is a whole slew of apps intended for nothing more than prompting a good laugh. Regardless of whether you want to see what a few extra Twinkies will do for your jaw line, or finally find out what you’re going to look like when old age sets in and that hairline starts to recede, you’re sure to find a fun app out there just waiting for your purchase!

Fat Booth icon FatBooth
Price:  $0.99
FatBooth has become a wildly popular app for iPhone fans of all ages. After taking a photo with your iPhone or selecting a picture from the photo library, users are able to automatically crop the photo to include only the face of the individual in the photo. From there, the app goes to work in adding a few extra pounds onto the facial frame. The end result is a fun depiction of you or your friends in a with a whole new look! The finished FatBooth photos can be easily shared via Facebook, Twitter or E-mail via quick link options within the app.
Apps that make you fat, old and bald Apps that make you fat, old and bald

Aging Booth icon AgingBooth
Price: $0.99
Although it can’t be guaranteed for accuracy, AgingBooth is a great way to prepare yourself for the rigors of aging! Like FatBooth, pictures taken with the iPhone or from the library are transported into the app where users shake their phone and instantly get to see what the years will do to their face. Lines, wrinkles, age spots and graying hair are instantly added to faces of any age. This one’s sure to help keep you away from the tanning booth!

Baldbooth icon BaldBooth
Price: $0.99
If you’ve been fortunate enough to keep your hair, BaldBooth is a hysterical way to see what the effects of male pattern balding…or a horrible haircut… would look like. After selecting a photo to work with, BaldBooth quickly takes the hair right off the top of your subjects head to create a signature Bozo-the-Clown style. Share your finished photos on Facebook or Twitter and spread giggles throughout your network of friends.
Baldbooth ss

OldBooth icon OldBooth
Price: $1.99
Creating vintage photos is a breeze with the use of OldBooth. After taking a photo with the iPhone or choosing one from the library, users apply different masks from over 60 options. Once a “mask” is applied, the photo takes on the look of the chosen era. Whether you want to be a funky hippie, or check out what you would have looked like as a housewife of the ‚Äò50s, OldBooth creates fun, black and white images that transport you back in time!
Apps that make you fat, old and bald

MEanderthal MEanderthal
Price: Free
If you want to make yourself really old, MEanderthal will transport the faces of you and your friends to times long, long ago. After selecting a photo and lining up a pattern on the image, users are prompted to select what kind of early human, or Neanderthal, they’d like to be. Upon making a selection, your face is suddenly caveman-esque! An added benefit is the information provided with your finished photo that outlines facts about your Neanderthal ancestors. Goofy fun and education all in one…How can you pass that up?
Apps that make you fat, old and bald Apps that make you fat, old and bald

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