How To Disable In-App Purchases

How to Disable In App Purchases
I imagine many parents have received unexpected charges from the iTunes store because of accidental inapp purchases.  There are many scam-like apps out there that are free but have inapp purchases of fish, coins, etc. for $5, $50, even $100. This issue has come to the forefront of American conscious in the past week, as this story about a California mother who noticed over $60.00 of charges had been racked up in one game. So what can you do? How do you turn off in app purchasing?

To avoid unexpected charges from in-app purchases, the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are equipped with the ability to disable in app purchases, thus disabling the potential for your child to accidentally spend money on those “free” apps.

To turn off in-app purchases, go to the Settings panel of your device and select “General.”
How to Disable In App Purchases
Next, select “Restrictions,” where you will be prompted to enter your 4-digit security pass code. If you have not already established a code, go ahead and do so now. This will prevent older children from being able to simply un-do any restrictions that you have set.
How to Turn Off In App Purchases
After your pass code has been entered, the “Restrictions” screen will appear. Scroll down to “Allowed Content,” and switch “In-App Purchases” to the Off position.
In App Purchases Off

In addition to turning off in-app purchases, parents should always be wary of anytime iTunes asks for your password and you are not purchasing an app. Often times, this may be a free app that is asking to purchase additional in-app items for play.

With just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to allow your child to download free apps without worrying about any hidden charges from in app purchases.

Did you get hurt by accidental in-app purchases? Please leave us a comment.