iPhone, iPod Touch Test Prep Apps for High School Students

Test Prep Apps for High School Students
Little ones aren’t the only kids who need to learn. As toddlers transition to teenagers, the educational capabilities of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are as important as ever. A large selection of apps is available to help 14-18 year old students prepare for standardized tests such as SAT, as well as those that will be required in high level mathematics, English and science classes. Although these ones don’t feature adorable graphics, or much fun music, they do focus on helping young adult minds learn and retain information that will be vital in securing the path to their future.

ACT for dummies ACT For Dummies
Price: $9.99
The ACT test, short for American College Testing, may be on your high school student’s to do list instead of, or in conjunction with, the SAT test based on what the colleges that they’re applying to prefer.  This ACT preparation app, which is similar to the much-loved series of ” for dummies” books, offers a chance to practice reading, writing and math skills that will be required to successfully take the test. The app not only offers practice questions, but two full-length practice tests that will help students assess their efficiency and readiness. As a bonus, kids will be able to review a number of tried and true test-taking tips to help steady their nerves on test day!

MeStudying A1 meStudying Algebra 1
Price: $4.99
High level classes in high school can often bring a new level of challenge for students, and their parents who are struggling to help with homework. The meStudying Algebra 1 app is a helpful way for students to practice algebra drills while receiving explanation and feedback that helps mold mathematic skills. The app is broken down into sections, allowing students to focus on the algebraic topic that currently needs work and provides an opportunity to practice without just plopping down in front of their math book and binder.

SAT vocab challenge SAT Vocab Challenge, Volume 1 by the Princeton Review
Price: $4.99
Vocabulary is a relatively large portion of the SAT test, and one of the easier areas to study for. This SAT prep app focuses on drilling students with word definitions, synonyms and antonyms while doing so with a game-like interface. I love that the app not only features multiple choice options, but full dictionary-like definitions for each word. As time goes on and students continue to practice, the app itself will track progress and report which words need work, ensuring that a well-rounded assortment of vocab is ready for test day!

No Fear Shakespeare No Fear Shakespeare
Price: $0.99
More than one or two high school students has been completely dumbfounded when they sat down to explore their first work of Shakespeare. The No Fear Shakespeare app takes the worry out of reading Shakespeare, by providing a reference that explains passages in clearer, modern verbiage. These translations allow students to understand a phrase, and apply the meaning throughout the play or sonnet in an attempt to fully comprehend what they’re reading. The app initially comes with the full text of Shakespeare’s sonnets, as well as one play. Additional plays can be purchased for $4.99 each, or in a package of 18 for less than $20.00.

No. 2 SAT prep No. 2 SAT Prep
Price: $4.99
This SAT practice app focuses on all areas of testing including grammar, vocabulary, mathematics and more. Questions are formatted in a manner similar to that of the actual SAT test, helping to prepare students for managing their time and responses on test day. The simple, yet visually appealing interface of No. 2 SAT Prep offers positive feedback when an answer is correct, and useful tips if an incorrect response is given. I appreciate that this app doesn’t just tell you that you’re wrong, it explains why an answer is incorrect and how to better approach a question to come to the right conclusion. For $4.99, No. 2 SAT Prep contains a wealth of information and testing assistance.