Finally‚ A Kid Proof iPhone Case

Kid-proof-iphone-case We’ve talked about protective cases for your iPhone and iPod Touch at before, however most device cases are intended for use by adults and still offer minimal protection from the wild antics of our kids. It looks like Griffin Technology may have finally found a solution for parents who want to allow their children iPhone or iPod Touch access, without having to worry about whether or not the device will survive an accidental drop or tumble.

The Woogie is an adorable, kid-friendly case and speaker for the iPhone and iPod Touch, advertised to be half stuffed animal and half protective case. The plush green toy features a secure pouch for your device, while providing a large surface for kids to grip, along with the shock absorbing power of a pillow. The Woogie, which retails for $19.99, can also be propped up into a stand for easy viewing of videos. Super cute…Super smart. Do you know of any other kid-friendly iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch cases? If so, let us know! And for more information on cases for your iPhone, check out our prior blog post.