Best Science Apps for iPad

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Although the iPad could easily be viewed as just a nifty gadget, and one more item to overload our children with technology, the educational power of iPad is truly overwhelming. Today, we’ll take a peek at some of the best science apps available for the iPad. Many of the most popular iPad science apps are best suited for children in the elementary to high school age span. Amongst the choices, some of the best science apps offer science tips and learning opportunities facilitated by your iPad to help in school, or to simply spur on your child’s interest in the world around them.

Star Walk iconStar Walk
Price: $4.99

Star Walk has been touted as one of the premier iPad apps since its debut on the iTunes market. This is one of the best science apps because of its intuitive use of the iPad’s technology. Using the digital compass within the iPad, StarWalk aligns itself with your position and will display what you see in the sky, on your screen. In-app abilities allow users to identify constellations, planets and learn more about the night time sky with stunning graphics and in-depth factoids. I would highly recommend this app not only for older children, but as a way to explore the night with younger kids as well.
Best Science Apps for iPad Best Science Apps for iPad
Solar Walk icon Solar Walk 3D
Price: $2.99

Most of the best science apps for iPad are related to space and the solar system. Solar Walk is another app from the creators of Star Walk, only this time users learn about the solar system. A 3D model allows users to choose what they’d like more information about, before detailed graphics and information about other planets and moons appear on the screen. Solar Walk also claims to be available in real 3D, meaning if you have a pair of 3D glasses handy, the images will pop right off the screen and into your living room.
Best Science Apps for iPad Best Science Apps for iPad
3D Brain icon 3D Brain
Price: Free
By showing 3D images of an animated human brain, this app walks users through different areas of the brain, their functions and common issues. Users can simply browse the information, or use search functions to key in on specific areas. In terms of our readers, this app would be great for high school students enrolled in an anatomy class, or parents of children with learning disorders that want to learn a little bit more about how the human brain works.
Best Science Apps for iPad 3D Brain 2
ILearn Solar System icon iLearn Solar System HD
Price: $1.99
Many of the best science apps are geared toward older children, or higher level learning. iLearn Solar System takes useful, engaging information about the solar system and compiles it into an app that will interest children in the elementary school age range. Crisp, clear graphics are explained to users by an animated astronaut and her alien sidekick friend. I remember the solar system being a major part of elementary science learning, and this app would be a great supplement to the classroom materials that your child is studying.
Best Science Apps for iPad Best Science Apps for iPad
Periodic Table icon Periodic Table of the Elements
Price: Free

Although simple and relatively straightforward, the Periodic Table of the Elements app is a must have for any high school student currently learning the ins and outs of chemistry. An animated table allows users to select any element and instantly receive access to a fact sheet listing an element’s atomic number, boiling point, basic information and more. This science app is a great aid for high level homework, or any profession that may require reference to the Periodic Table.
Best Science Apps for iPad

Have you found any science apps that your children love? If so, tell us about them!