Best New iPhone and iPad Apps for Kids

Intro Many great app previews gets submitted to the iPhoneAndKids site. These apps has video previews that you can just check out before you decide to purchase. We went through the apps submitted in the last two months and picked 10 apps to feature. If you are a developer, make sure to submit your new app with a video clip.

Below are our picks, take a peek at what’s available and try them out for yourself! There are some other great applications available at  iPhoneAndKids forum, so make sure to check them out also.

Good Shepherd The Good Shepherd
Price: $1.99
The sheep have wandered off and it’s up to you, The Good Shepherd, to bring them safely back home. Travel through 5 easy levels, guiding the sheep along a path to collect flowers and find hidden stars. Watch out for obstacles, or the sheep will lose their way. The two modes of play, EASY and HARD, ensure that even an older child will enjoy playing. Cute graphics and adorable music help engage children in working their sheep through a maze back to safety.


Max Max The Mouse with Almost Perfect Manners
Price: $1.99
Max Nibblington is a mouse with a love for Camembert cheese. This adorable story book app follows Max on his adventures as he helps teach children that nobody’s perfect. The app will play as a fully animated storybook, or allow users to swipe through screens as they read along. British accents enhance the story about Max and his refined tastes for exquisite cheese.


StoryPatch Story Patch for iPad
Price: $4.99
Story Patch is an application for iPad that allows your kids to create illustrated stories quickly and easily. With over 800 included illustrations and easy-to-use controls, children can create stories similar in quality to the picture books they read and enjoy every day. Put your child’s imagination to work with an app that lets your child become the author of their very own storybook. A great idea for those active minds that always have a tale to tell!


Color My Name Color My Name
Price: $0.99
The fun little app lets anyone turn their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a totally personalized coloring book maker, with your name appearing in the artwork on every page! Upon opening the app, users are prompted to enter their name. Through the magic of the app, a personalized coloring book is created that integrates the user’s name throughout the book. Kids love items that are made just for them, and Color My Name makes iPhone coloring all the more personal!


123 POP 123 POP
Price: $0.99
123 POP is a fun game for all ages and involves adding numbers as they fly around a surreal environment that is populated by vortexes, rockets, magical stars and the occasional leaping whale. Players will be challenged as benchmarks for advancing forward increases every round. The goal of the game is to select two numbers that coincide with another number on the screen to create a correct equation. Apps like this one provide great practice for those timed math tests that challenge elementary school students.


Pecos Bill Pecos Bill
Price: $3.99
Pecos Bill chronicles the animated story of the bravest cowboy in the West. Whether children want to be read to, or turn off audio to read on their own, this app offers a fun (and funny!) cowboy story that’s sure to coax giggles out of the young ‚Äòuns. Users can choose to listen to the pre-recorded story, or record another voice to listen to themselves, or a loved one, read aloud anytime!


Doggy Day Spa Doggie Day Spa
Price: Free
Can YOU be Top Dog Groomer? In this fun iPad game, kids race to beat the clock as they pamper and groom the pooch to perfection. Doggie Day Spa was designed for girls and boys ages 4-10 but it’s fun for kids of all ages! Users have the option of picking their favorite dog to spiff up, so whether your little one loves Chihuahuas or Dalmatians, they’re sure to be engaged while they race to make over Fido.

PreSchool Counting 123s Pre-School Counting 123’s With Bear & Duck
Price: $0.99
This fun educational app for kids teaches the basics of counting through a simple playful interface, designed to keep growing minds curious and involved. Kids are encouraged to learn through repetitive problem solving, practicing what they know, and drawing connections as they progress. Kids are required to count a number of items and correctly identify them in numerical order, which helps reinforce the ability to count in succession. Bear & Duck are pretty cute characters to learn with, too!


Smart Stacks Smart Stacks for iPad
Price: $1.99
Smart Stacks for iPad features hand drawn artwork on each and every flash card. Cards are broken into groups including animals, fruits and letters. By working through the stack, children are challenged to recognize objects in the everyday world around them via beautifully drawn flash cards. Easy touch functioning makes this game a breeze for little fingers to operate.


AlphaBaby AlphaBaby
Price: $0.99
Alpha Baby is a fully customizable app intended to help the youngest children begin learning letters, numbers and shapes. While items pop up on the screen, the name of the item is spoken, helping children associate that particular item with its correct name. To help engage kids, parents can insert their own pictures and voice recordings into the app, creating an ever-expanding library of items for your child to become familiar with.