Best iPod Touch and iPhone Accessories for Kids

Best iPod Touch and iPhone Accessories for Kids iPhone, particularly iPod Touch is becoming the #1 device for entertaining and educating kids, even replacing the traditional home computer. However, these new devices bring new set of challenges, like being fragile, limited battery time, etc. We’ve found some great accessories, from kid-friendly cases to special headphones, that help to make the iPhone and iPod Touch much more kid-friendly.


Griffin MyPhones Headphones
Price: $29.99
Who hasn’t heard some sort of music blasting from the headphones of a child and wondered what kind of damage was being done to those young ear drums? Designed specifically for children, MyPhones headphones, by Griffin Technologies, are not only made to comfortably fit a child’s head but to also protect tiny ears. A built-in sound control circuit ensures that volumes never go above 85 decibels, which is widely established as the safe standard for youth noise exposure. Cool design features allow kids to customize MyPhones with their own art, and to sweeten the deal…The price was recently reduced by $10!

Woogie Woogie
Price: $19.99
iPhones are fragile and, well, kids can be a little rough. The Woogie, another product from Griffin Technologies, is an innovative answer to the call for a kids only iPhone and iTouch case. Far beyond the typical sleek covers that we rely on for protection of our mobile device, the Woogie is part iPhone case, part stuffed animal. For easy use, the iPhone slips into a secure pocket on the front of the Woogie where children can easily access it to play their favorite games. However, the plush construction provides cushioning for unexpected drops in addition to a large surface for little hands to grasp.

Kensington battery pack
Kensington Battery Pack and Charger for iPod, iPhone

Price: $69.99
No games can be played if your iPhone is dead! Never fear. With the Kensington Battery Pack and Charger you can take extra power with you on the go. Simply plug the battery pack into your iPhone or iPod and you’ll be able to play an additional 100 hours of music, 21 hours of video or extend talk time for 6 hours. What an ideal item to take along on long flights or car rides when a power outlet just isn’t available!


Body Glove skin case
Body Glove Skin Cover

Price: $10.45
This affordable, durable iPhone and iPod Touch case by Body Glove provides everyday protection from scratches, dirt, grime, and the goo that finds its way onto little hands. The best part, however, is the belt clip that comes with the case and also doubles as a kickstand. The ability to safely tilt the iPhone allows for easy viewing of videos and less chance of accidental drops.

IHome case

iHome Portable Speaker Case
Older kids who may be allowed to take an iPod Touch along with them will enjoy this stylish, portable case with speakers. The case can be worn around the neck, and features a see-through panel for access to iPhone and iPod Touch controls without opening the case. The built-in speakers produce great sound while the device is protected from water splashes and other accidents on-the-go.



Seat Buddy Seat Buddy
Price: $19.95
After slipping your iPhone into the protective silicone Seat Buddy case, handy straps allow the device to be attached to a car seatback, airplane seat or glove box. With little effort, and low cost, the Seat Buddy suddenly turns your back seat into mini movie theater for easy entertainment on long rides or flights. I like that instead of turning over your iPhone to a younger child for video viewing, the Seat Buddy simply converts the phone to a mini TV…right in the car!